Smoked Chicken Help

2021.10.18 13:21 Scotch_Bender Smoked Chicken Help

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2021.10.18 13:21 wuku_sneak Random Question

have xenovia and akeno talked to each other so far? i don't recall any interaction between them on any of the four season
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2021.10.18 13:21 Silent_Trick2009 Can someone explain this to me? I swear I sent no inappropriate messages the only messages I sent in the latest match were "Whats wrong with picking mm?" and "pro hanzo" That's not innapropriate at all. I got only 95 credit score now 😭😭😭

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2021.10.18 13:21 sputnickk1 Account permanently suspended but given no reason.

Have been playing on this account for a while (about 4-5 months-ish) and got permanently suspended while in queue yesterday. The message give no other information except for "This account has been permanently suspended". I suspect the reason is either because I tampered with game files (changed language to korean), or used a skin changer, but which is more plausible?
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2021.10.18 13:21 lachezarab This is NOT a BSC Token (Gamble token), Actually a LEGIT PROJECT that aims to be the most secure crypto of all. ITS CALLED "RYO"

A 100% legit project (not a pump and dumb) with 3 mil. marketcap currently sitting at around 9 cents. The Ryo currency aims to be the most secure coin of all "PRIVACY FOR EVERYONE". buying a 100$ can get you to 1000$ if only the mc goes to 30mil. Trade at Your own risk! This is not a financial advice! Do your own research!
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2021.10.18 13:21 FerZhang10 What nickname did your parents give you as a child?

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2021.10.18 13:20 FuckEVERYTHINGsorry My brother used my mom’s credit card and Itunes won’t refund $2000

How do I get the money back? And now she’s mad. I already appealed the rejection, which was rejected.
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2021.10.18 13:20 Lord_Ako Which Album does sound like The NBHD the most (put emotions aside)

In My Opinion it’s I Love You
View Poll
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2021.10.18 13:20 sreglov Lego McLaren Senna GP has started, but... how are we getting a key?

So the Lego McLaren Senna GP started. This is an odd GP:

So, this all leaves me a bit puzzled. It seems only those who win the price (on what conditions? Nothing more than "the best players") get either the car or it could just as well be get the Lego set send home. That would mean the car isn't actually going to be in the game and is only playable in this event.
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2021.10.18 13:20 shnufasheep character attractiveness ranking

a friend and i stumbled upon a poll from 7 years ago ranking the attractiveness of the kotor characters. this inspired us to spend like 2 hours making our own list with all the somewhat notable characters we could remember!!
so here is our definitive list, males and females, combined into one ultimate ranking. thoughts? :)

1. atton rand 11. darth sion 21. queen talia 31. canderous 41. vrook lamar
2. visas marr 12. bastila shan 22. juhani 32. hk-47 42. g0-t0
3. yuthura ban 13. bao-dur 23. ice 33. saul karath 43. deadeye duncan
4. white twin sun 14. zaerdra 24. calo nord 34. kreia
5. grey twin sun 15. handmaiden 25. dhagon ghent 35. atris
6. carth onasi 16. mira 26. darth malak 36. jolee bindo
7. luxa 17. azkul 27. lonna vash 37. darth brandon ;)
8. kavar 18. jorran 28. uthar wynn 38. zez-kai ell
9. gadon thek 19. trask ulgo 29. forn dodonna 39. griff vao
10. darth nihilus 20. jana lorso 30. vaklu 40. disciple
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2021.10.18 13:20 crystalssss I asked last week if my tank is suitable for snails, I added some rocks and have some live plants on the way. Could snails live in here?

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2021.10.18 13:20 nsabovic Any spooky stories???

Have you ever seen any creepy stuff in the kids background?! Lol like someone moving but then it’s just grandma or a black sweater hanging on the door and you spend 25 min thinking is it a ghost or a hoodie??? Tell me your weird, creepy stories!!
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2021.10.18 13:20 ArnBryn808 The guy with the nails. At the time, 3 year growth with acrylic overlay from nubs.

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2021.10.18 13:20 Killerchoy Can someone give me advice on my combat gear?

Very new player here. I’m playing on an Ironman as my first playthrough. I’m currently at level 31 attack, 35 strength, 32 defense, and 41 magic. Haven’t begun to train range yet. What are some good early game weapon and armor sets that I should go for? I’m still using the sword from The Knights Sword with steel/iron armor. I’m not afraid of grinding out some skills if the best armor set is locked behind 50 defense or something like that.
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2021.10.18 13:20 Rando-Dragon Dreamt about my ab*sive ex, not sure what it means

I was waiting at the bus stop, but the stop was in front of my aunt's house. New and the other people waiting for the bus stood/say in her driveway while we waited. There were around 20 of us. Quite the large bus stop. Of the people there, most were unrecognizable with the exception of me (obviously), my ex and a girl who's in my forensic science class. Don't know her name. My ex called me over to him and originally, I had ignored him. He called for me again and I accepted, walking over to him. He was leaning up against a wooden wall/fence (hard to explain what the architecture is). When I got to him, I grabbed onto him and grinded up against him a few times. He was very much enjoying it, but I felt nothing. I then got off and grabbed his face, pulling it towards me as if I was going to kiss him, but I didn't. I pulled away and attempted to leave him be, but he grabbed me and told me to wait. He handed me a decent sized, slightly rusted, VERY sharp knife. He told me to meet him at his place after school so he could teach me how to protect myself if/when "a big guy" would try to "take advantage" of me. I agreed and walked up next to the girl from my class. She flirted with me for awhile and we agreed to hook up that day after school. I didn't tell my ex about my change of plans. Too nervous about how he'd react.
Fast forward after school, she came to my place and we started to head up to my room when there was a knock at the door. (The house was entirely mine, my parents were nowhere to be seen and the house was in my name). I opened the door and there was about 12 people outside asked me to go outside and play. Some were dressed as pirates, so it was likely them asking me to play the pirates of the carribean game I used to play with the neighbors when I was very young. I told them no and to go away because I had to hide, and they hesitated but eventually left after I explained what my ex told me. They were nervous for my safety and told me to be careful. I went back to hang out with my classmate and told her what happened at the door and what my ex said. We both agreed that he was most likely trying to get a chance to hurt me and wanted to use giving me a weapon to build a false sense of security within me. We decided not to have a hook up like we had originally planned, and instead, spent the night talking, cuddling and watching movies.
I woke up feeling very nervous and fuzzy, I was definitely dissociating when I got up. I woke up at 12 pm and by the time I got up and ate breakfast, it was 2pm, but it had felt like no time at all. I even felt like I almost missed him, as if I wanted to see him again. I still have feelings for him, but I also hate him because of what he did to me. This dream is only making me more confused. What's my body trying to tell me?
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2021.10.18 13:20 Ocelriggssaber666 *terrified SCP screeches* noooooooooooo

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2021.10.18 13:20 catalyst44 Thoughts on this Zahariel deck? It's a friend not mine and he's looking to improve

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2021.10.18 13:20 ethnikthrowaway Did some damage

Did some damage!
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2021.10.18 13:20 eng420 Work visa for Lebanese

I was just wondering if work permits for Lebanese people take longer due to the Socio-economic situation going on there.
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2021.10.18 13:20 aaaaaand_she_gone My sisters boyfriend made my other sister cry

My sister Jemma’s boyfriend made my other sister Kate cry. Jemma’s boyfriend left a note on my sisters door calling her lazy about not taking her trash to the bin. There was also a nasty side note I won’t repeat. At my parents house the chores are split so that my younger brother just collects it all on certain days. She confront Jemma about it and Jemma didn’t care and said she cannot control her boyfriends actions. This made Kate cry.
I just don’t know what to say to Jemma about this. Any advice?
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2021.10.18 13:20 i-wish-i-was-dead12 Just got paid. What should I give a go?

Definite shit I’m buying is gonna be odsmt and I think I wanna try clonazolam cause I heard it’s a strong benzo. Other than that idk what else to cop. Lookin mostly for dissos (more euphoric the better) and other drugs with heavy time dilation and euphoria
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2021.10.18 13:20 Pietpiraat19 Questions regarding taking D3 with K2 and Magnesium

I am currently taking vitamin D3 and magnesium now I have been told that with the vitamin D3 I also have to take Vitamin K2 is this indeed wise or has not enough research been done yet? And when is the best time to take K2? at the same time as D3 ?
At the moment I do vitamin D3 and Magnesium in the early afternoon and then again magnesium in the evening. when is the best time to take K2?

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2021.10.18 13:20 user18name Burned out and alone

I had my baby at the start of the pandemic and at the time everyone thought it would go by summer. Of course it didn’t any my state is a stubborn state that seems to never get its numbers down. I use to hang out with coworkers every now and then but most of them have moved. I have very few friends and only one friend who is in town, who is single and having a great single life. The others are 2 or more hours away. I end up being with my toddler all the time. My husband works every other weekend so it’s just me and the little one. I just feel so alone and so bored with life. I just wish I had few moms around me who wanted to go out and do things with and without the kids. My husband introduced me to a coworker who has 5 kids and I ended up helping her babysit the kids which was less than relaxing.
I guess I’m venting and asking how do you find people now?! It’s hard enough finding friends in your 30’s but even harder with a 20 month old. All the mom groups I’ve read up on are for newborn moms. I’ve taken my little one to the park but I’ve never seen kids my kids age range.
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2021.10.18 13:20 SiliconeraOfficial Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Watches are Inspired by Umbrella

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2021.10.18 13:20 Thiccric0 Can someone feed tiktokgirls ? I‘m bi can show off

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