Hedge Badly Damaged by Neighbour [England]

2021.12.03 09:51 Staplegunfire Hedge Badly Damaged by Neighbour [England]

My dad who is in his late seventies lives on his own in a detached house in England. There is a large beech hedge that sits on the boundary line between the two properties running approximately 20 meters in length and 5 meters high, and about 1 meter deep. The boundary line isn't exactly clear by looking at the initial deeds and land registry documents. It has always been acknowledged that the hedge belongs to my dad since he and my mum moved into the property in the 1980's, both by the previous neighbours, and the current neighbour's ex-husband who moved in about 20 years ago (but died quite recently). The neighbour (he) verbally acknowledged this, but also demonstrated this by putting up a low fence on their property in front of the hedge.
My dad's neighbour, in her fifties and seemingly rather intimidating, has over the years taken to "hacking" away at the hedge in order to maintain it on her side. My dad has been begrudgingly ok with this, but her latest attempt has resulted in the hedge being ruined, and she has clearly removed leaves and branches that sit on my dad's side. You can now see all the way through to the neighbours garden which has never been the case over the previous 40 years. The hedge looks like it is starting to die.
He has tried to talk to her previously, but any concerns have always fallen on deaf ears. It is worth noting that the neighbouring property is about to go through some significant redevelopment with a large extension that will run adjacent to the hedge, and my dad feels that the recent hacking to the hedge has been undertaken in preparation for the changes. As an aside, neither my dad nor the neighbour on the other side received notification of the proposed changes (they said a letter outlining the plans was sent, but neither party received it), and it has seemingly been given final approval by the council. He is considering appealing to the ombudsman.
My dad is desperately upset about what's happened to the hedge, as it has likely been in-situ since the property was built over 100 years ago. I am reaching out to try and understand what possible recourse he may have. I understand that criminal damage might be a possibility, in addition to potentially trespass, but of course I am very much a layman and would like a steer as to what potential action could be taken to stop the destruction of the hedge.
I am aware the neighbouring disputes should try to be resolved prior to taking legal action, but I feel we are beyond this now especially given my dad's later years.
Any help would be greatly apprecaite.
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2021.12.03 09:51 Plumtree8749467 What taste nicer than it smells?

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2021.12.03 09:51 jookco Death - Dead - Obituary - Accident : Body of missing person Bryan Kyle Bridgeman found near Nelsonville | WDTN.com Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.03 09:51 Shyguybechilling [WANTED] SPORTS- HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS

Yes I know I can get it from discogs before you say that. I'm just hoping to strike a deal here since I know it usually goes for around 10 bucks. I'll give you 12 and shipping just comment under here and I'll PM you immediately!
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2021.12.03 09:51 lt512 The jealousy of seeing your LO interact with other girls on social media

Last night, I saw my LO interact with a girl on his social media in a "type of way" and it's given me so much panic and I'm not okay. From what I can deduce, he hung out with her but i don't know if it was just as friends. However, when I looked at her social media, I can see that she was in the park by his house at the weekend.
I messaged him last weekend about how his weekend was, and he never replied. Usually he always replies. And now I'm thinking maybe that's why. And all sorts of things are rushing through my head.
I just feel so much anxiety because of this. Anyone else would think i'm being crazy, and I am, but I just wanted to post on it here with people that know how it feels.
Like it could just be nothing, they could just be friends, I've seen her name on his social ages ago so she's not new. It's just got me worried, and made me feel pathetic about reaching out again. It's really preventing me from being happy right now.
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2021.12.03 09:51 iTss_RoGue Cayo B2B panther 4 gold I want someone who have the same

Psn : iTss_RoGue
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Checking my shadowbanned status
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2021.12.03 09:51 ComfortableSea4645 Why do franchises like Boss Baby and Trolls get sequels and Netflix shows but Rise of the Guardians still hasn't got ANYTHING?!

I'm still mad!
It's been nearly ten years and we STILL haven't gotten anything RotG related since the movie even with the huge cult following wanting more!
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2021.12.03 09:51 __PM_me_pls__ Comment dislikes haven't been shown in years

I don't remember that beeing such an outrage
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2021.12.03 09:51 lowercase_c_ if monsoon is described as a wind system can you have one without rain?

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2021.12.03 09:50 Necessary-Tank198 The NFT has had a significant influence on the growing popularity of the crypto market and has established itself as one of the fastest growing crypto markets, where sales are reaching billions of dollars. 🌐

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2021.12.03 09:50 WolfordH2-HOHO EW asks for engine specs on an electric car

Long time lurker, First time poster (at least on entitled people)
Obligatory Info: I work part time as a dealer for a high end car dealership in my country. when I mean High end, I'm talking Bentley's, Range Rovers, Jaguar you get it. Recently we acquired the license to sell Tesla vehicles, which is a big deal since currently only 4 private Tesla's are registered in the city.
now that's all you need to know. let me tell you about this customer
it was Wednesday morning and about to greet the new days customers. I was placed next to the tesla cars since I was one of the only 2 employees that understood the specs.
A customer walked in and she was well... off. she came in with some guy but I am assuming its her driver. anyways, she walked around for a bit, surveying all of the cars we are offering and she came to my area with the tesla's.
After a few minutes she came to me and asking about the Model 3. just basic questions like the range, the price and so on and so forth, nothing too weird. Then she asked about the engine.
EW: well how many CC's is it?
Me: again, its an electric car, there is no CC, if you mean horsepower, then its about 270.
EW: how about the engine, is it loud?
Me: its electric
EW: I know but is it loud?
Me: well, if its electric then no the "engine" is not loud. there is no engine, just an electric motor. you can hear the sound of the electric motor when you punch the accelerator.
EW: What kind of car sells a car with no engine
Me confused: Are you messing with me right now? there is no way you have zero clue about an electric car, do you even know what an electric car is?
EW: yes I do, I have one right there
me glancing at her car: That's a Prius, its a hybrid (expensive in indo)
EW: same thing
me: No its not.
EW then continued to complain about how electric cars and hybrids are the same and that we are running a scam for selling a car with no engine.
Like really? is she for real? I know some people are in a need to know basis when with electric cars but like tesla's are super popular, its everyone this whole city is talking about
Eventually she calmed down and I asked:
Me: are you still interested in the car?
EW: NO! I like BIG cars, like that one there, is the engine loud?
She pointed to a model X
Me: are you--
In the end however I just didn't have the mental capacity anymore so I called my friend over to help me out.
Eventually the lady left the dealership but that entire day its just baffles and confuses me. like was she really messing with me or was she really that stupid and didn't know about Tesla's?
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