My Warbands leader is complete, say hello to Khyr the Unmaker!

2021.12.03 11:06 golliwoza My Warbands leader is complete, say hello to Khyr the Unmaker!

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2021.12.03 11:06 godobrut Removing Cemetery Reaper before damage

Say my opponent has 4, 1/1 zombie creature tokens out, and a [[Cemetery Reaper]], he declares attackers, swinging with all 4 tokens. I cast [[Go for the Throat]] targeting Cemetery Reaper. Do I take 4 damage or do I take 8 damage since attackers we're already declared?
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2021.12.03 11:06 No-Complaint8589 I feel like I can’t do it

Im smoking weed daily for years and years over 10 and for the last 5 its daily , I quit other drugs like opioids and for me weed is way harder to kick the first 3 days are torture and than I usually relapse from the vivid dreams and extreme sweating the longest I went without it was a month in 2017 but since longest was like 5 days, how can I make sure this time is easier
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2021.12.03 11:06 loopsbrother2903 Everything is just too loud

The walls are so thin. I can hear everything everyone is talking about. God they talk loud, they talk a lot, I can hear every line. Every single shit they say. The outside is noisy too, the windows, the curtains don't block out shit I can hear people yelling on the streets, I can hear cars, autos, bikes and all their godforsaken horns, it doesn't stop untill it's too late, I don't want wanna wear headphones 24/7 blocking out noise using more noise gets tiring. I wish I could sleep during the day and stay awake in night when it's peaceful, can't even do that anymore. My head fucking hurts
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2021.12.03 11:06 duckbutr Paywall with LATimes. But...
What are your opinions here?
(This is not from that article, but the best info i could find... Also, I am unaware of any other incident woth this prof, if you find any please post!!!)
On Sept. 16, a visiting artist was working with two students of color after class, and one student expressed that she felt isolated and would like to get to know other non-white students in the department. The visiting artist asked about whether it might be helpful for non-white students to connect as a group, and she and the students wrote out the names of other non-white students on the classroom whiteboard while brainstorming ideas.
The names were still on the board when the next class arrived, and several of the entering students were offended, believing that whoever had written the list must have been singling out non-white students. They decided to hold a protest in a campus courtyard on Sept. 21 instead of attending class.
After discussion with the students and faculty involved, the Department of Theatre’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee determined that the names on the board had been presented “as a resource for newer students who are looking to be in community with other BIPOC students.” Nonetheless, the DEI committee apologized to the offended students, writing in an email to the theater department that the “faculty and students involved as well as the Theatre Department as a whole are deeply sorry to anyone who was affected by this incident.” The visiting artist who helped create the list of names also apologized profusely, calling her participation “thoughtless and careless.”
Earnest did not agree. He responded to the email, stating (as written): “Sorry but I dont think its a big deal. Im just sad people get their feelings hurt so easily. And they are going into Theatre?” He received several responses criticizing his remark, and responded again to clarify that he was “just defending our guest artist.”
Students critical of Earnest’s emails accused him of being racially insensitive and dismissive of students of color. Several also called for Earnest to be fired and protested by boycotting theater classes, holding a protest in a campus courtyard.
“It was upsetting to be accused of racism by students and others with whom I have never interacted,” said Earnest. “But it was even more upsetting to have these false accusations ratified by a university that I have called home for over fifteen years.”
On Sept. 20, Claudia Bornholdt, the dean of Coastal Carolina’s College of Humanities and Fine Arts, told Earnest not to come to his classes and to send her his syllabus, effectively suspending him from his teaching duties.
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2021.12.03 11:06 blinkiblob Sneak Peak On What I’m Making For My YouTube :))

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2021.12.03 11:06 WesLee17 I love this HWM change

Now everyone has to grind the intended end game if they want a high GS and not just purchase the gear or farm/buy the materials and get someone else to craft it for them just because they don’t like AGS’s endgame. And now, players who put hours of grinding watermark will get to be powerful instead of looking like just another average player and people who bought gear(like myself) will have to actually grind if we want to be as powerful as the players who worked for it. I can’t wait!
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2021.12.03 11:06 Ros_Kovac SARS & AR - The Cost of Bruised Knees

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2021.12.03 11:06 darknessiscoming299 Necromancer builds

What is the best way to build a necromancer in 5e if you are at max lvl?
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2021.12.03 11:06 al3ks4 Noble Warrior, Aleksa Stajsic

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2021.12.03 11:06 OptionalPlayer Was Aerodactyl always this hard to catch? Yeesh!
Somewhat of a rhetorical question. It just seems like they've changed the distance of this mon and holy smokes, I can't get at it easily. I tried against one yesterday and had the same issue. It was doubly-impossible when it flew to the top of the screen.
Good luck with the catching, team!
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2021.12.03 11:06 rs06rs Position statement - columns of percentage of total holdings, total current value

I am new to TOS. So, the questions might be too basic.
Can you add a column that tells you what percentage is a particular holding in the total holdings? Eg.: Apple is say 10% of my portfolio - I need to see that % in a column
Also, in their mobile TD Ameritrade iOS app they have a column "Current value", that gives the total current value of each holding. Can you add the same in TOS position statement? Eg.: say I have 1000 Apple shares with its current share value being $164 - I need a column showing $1000*164 = $164000.
I saw some custom options in column settings, thinkscript and stuff. Is that how it needs to be done?
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2021.12.03 11:06 BotDefense overview for loddithitdxj

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2021.12.03 11:06 Crg29 Is there any hack to render videos in 4K, if your screen size is just 1080p?

I can not enlarge the figure window beyond my screen resolution. So my render resolution is limited to screen resolution.
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2021.12.03 11:06 mbiely [HELP] motorola one fusion+ speaker broken

So since yesterday the media / ringtone speaker (i.e. bottom) is broken on my months old motorola one fusion+. All it does is some scratchy/squeaky static (hard to describe the sound) noise at whatever volume is set to. (The phonecall speaker at the top still works)
I tried the usual recommendations of rebooting and safe mode but to no avail. While doing those i also noticed the "boot sound" is playing in the same way so this doesn't seem to be some app causing problems.
Any last ideas before I head down the warranty route?
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2021.12.03 11:06 mani_tapori US Airmen Reward confirms coverup of PAF F-16 loss against IAF: Western Military Historian

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2021.12.03 11:06 ShortAlgo $RUTH Waiting for Short signal on RUTH

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2021.12.03 11:06 Classic_Traffic_3087 I have activated mods and then this came up. I removed the mods from the folder, cleared cache, reinstalled the game as a whole, but I still have this problem. How can I fix this?

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2021.12.03 11:06 DirkMcCallahan Man , Unbelievable

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2021.12.03 11:06 wlduncan Muscle up help

I am 6 foot 1 and my pull up bar is only 6 foot 4. Is it possible to train muscle ups on a shorter pull up bar. I am new to muscle ups and could use some pointers on how to get started. Thanks!
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2021.12.03 11:06 PHealthy Does SARS-CoV-2 have the potential to evolve away the spike protein and thus escape vaccine immunity similarly to what we're seeing with pertactin-deficient pertussis?

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2021.12.03 11:06 ElectricalRisk1117 Meet Malyutka! Question about starter

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2021.12.03 11:06 worldnewsbot India reaches 40 per cent target of power from non-fossil fuel, 9 years ahead of date committed at COP 21.

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2021.12.03 11:06 lilac_enough Miko portrait~

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2021.12.03 11:06 lifted333up rentoid mad 😂

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