2021.12.03 10:18 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-TextPost-8914

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2021.12.03 10:18 Blvck_jungle OPIUM | BEFR 2020 Balt. MD

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2021.12.03 10:18 ringobiscuits UK Database - Sex offenders register (Good reference resource)

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2021.12.03 10:18 Icy_Mathematician423 u mich

when does u mich ea come out ?
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2021.12.03 10:18 AIiencoyote Asus rog strix g15 keyboard and sound randomly stop working

bought a new strix g15 laptop a month ago suddenly yesterday I will get this random issue that would make me unable to use any button on the keyboard and cant hear any sound from the laptop which would last for like 15-20 seconds then it would work again. the rest of the device functions normally its just the sound and keyboard bugging out. tried updating windows and drivers but nothing helped.
any idea how to solve it?
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2021.12.03 10:18 ThouShaltNotBelieve Trucks that will be available in the first version of the upcoming mobile simulator game “Truckers of Europe 3” by Wanda Software.

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2021.12.03 10:18 studio3DD SUBDUE by VR Artist DanaDMer

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2021.12.03 10:18 DankKid2410 Danky dank londa logon ko ban kar rha hai discord and subreddit se......waah

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2021.12.03 10:18 mercurialbuddha123 Share this with one crazy extremist vegan you know....

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2021.12.03 10:18 councilfinancialusa Watch this Video to Know about Premium Financing & Insurance Services

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2021.12.03 10:18 nancynblair VIDEO: 15-year-old says deputy used chokehold on her at school

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2021.12.03 10:18 xavitel Passed my SAA 2 days ago

Hi guys,
I passed last Wednesday the solution architect associate. I would like to share with you my experience:
Preparation I studied with Stephane Mareek Udemy's course at 1.5 speed and skyped the easy lessons that I know. After completing this I purchased Jon Bonso practice exam. I started in review mode in his page and after some days I started the six exams. It's normal that you fail a lot, just understand why. The cheat sheet are good for this. I tried some questions in examtopics website but the quality is not good and you need to check the answers. From my point of view, don't waste so much time there.
The exam The questions in the exam were not so complex as everybody say. Just read them several times and ask for 30 minutes extension if you are not English native as me. I did the exam at home with Pearson Vue as usual (I have done more than 5 in the last year). Well this time was the worst experience ever. The proctor was disturbing me 3 times in the exam due to the camera wasn't in front of me or because I was moving my lips while reading! Shameful! I was really distracted and I tried to stay as still as possible during the rest of the exam. Once I finished I was with muscle cramps and cold🥶. So good luck with the proctor and if you can, go to a exam center and you will not have this kind of problems.
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2021.12.03 10:18 cryogenicToast1 I feel bad for 2042

Let me explain. I have BF2042 on xbox series S, So 2042 has been hella fun and entertaining. I got free 10hours of 2042 and decided to download on my xbox one since i wanted to see the difference. Like how hardline and bf4 has loads of missing stuff i wanted to see if it was the same. HOLY FUCKING DUMPSTER FIRE. This game was NOT meant for old consoles. The amount of such aggravating things happening is unreal and hard to imagine anyone on old consoles are having any sort of fun. I hope dice and EA dont leave them dead in the water like they did xbox360 Hardline. Old console players love battlefield and want to continue playing, i just cant fathom how.
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2021.12.03 10:18 Grimm_Stereo The Younger Sister by @P3ACH0520

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2021.12.03 10:18 OkSeason973 The Boston radio station that Hilary grew up listening to hates her now

Matty in the Morning is a long time morning host on Kiss 108 in Boston. They’re a top 40 station playing all of the latest and greatest pop hits.
So Matty has been on for about 40 years and Hilary no doubt listened, or at the very least is aware of this station and show.
Over the years, they’ve had on some of Aleec’s costars who grew up in the Boston area - costars like Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg. Ben Affleck and Donnie Wahlberg as well. And all of those A-listers who grew up in the area acknowledge the popularity of the show.
So anyways, the radio shows hosts were of course discussing last night’s train wreck Aleec interview amongst themselves and with callers this morning. Basically everyone who commented on Hilary is beyond uncomfortable with her cultural appropriation grift and excessive social media posting.
So however this charade ends, I don’t think Boston will be welcoming Hilary back with open arms. How do you say in English “chameleon?”
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2021.12.03 10:18 tillma6 Happy :)

happy to be here.
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2021.12.03 10:18 xaliengirlx Denial, Surrender, Accept

But it is difficult.
I am exiting my stage of denial and learning to surrender and accept the uncertain. To put faith back into myself and my decisions knowing that whatever is to follow is what will have always followed and is meant to be. To surrender is to have faith.
I am sorry, but I am not sorry for being completely and foolishly in love with you. You want me to let go and I am trying. I really am. If you never talk to me again, I will eventually stop crying about it. Maybe next year maybe a year from now but I will. And I will accept the fact that I surrendered to my truth and I will forever be proud of myself for that. Yes, I have finally found myself. Nothing and no one has the power to take my soul away again.
Anyways, I hope you come back. I miss you so...
-a- ♡
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2021.12.03 10:18 omairkhamza gaming steering wheel for ps5

im looking for a gaming steering wheel that is compatible with ps5 and is under 50 OMR where can i get those
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2021.12.03 10:18 SAMMY2-0-0-7 Has anyone claimed 500 auric cells from prime gaming yet and if so how?

Has anyone claimed 500 auric cells from prime gaming yet and if so how? I am confusion, I thought it was supposed to come out on 30th December
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2021.12.03 10:18 freeatlastsgon Oh, Joel….

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2021.12.03 10:18 jobsinanywhere ‘He can be a top coach’ – Bruno Fernandes predicts Michael Carrick has future in management after quitting Man Utd

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2021.12.03 10:18 FBBLUVER Natasha Aughey

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2021.12.03 10:18 CurrentlyInAmsterdam How to 'check out the code'

Hey yall!
I think many of us can relate to this situation. Somebody hears that you are learning to program, and invites you to help out with their project (for a monetary compensation of course).
The code is shared with you: "look into it yourself, and then we'll talk about what needs to be done".
It just so happens, this is a Django project. Its purpose is, for a lack of a better words, tracking lots of user input data. Like bookkeeping stuff.
Up untill now, I have:

How would you do it? Experienced programmers, what do you do to "get the feel of the terrain"? Any Django-specific advice?
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2021.12.03 10:18 sendtomela I want to punch your face, u/sysadmin_GPT2 You have been very very very very very naughty that I want to kick your ass so much

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