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Okay sorry guys I took so long to respond with a follow up post. I was actually really busy with college and didn't really have time to focus on this issue. Also this whole post is WAAAAAAAY overdue, but alas I found time, and now I'm here.
As you may or may not remember, back in October I made a post that was removed by Merci since the post exposed him for unprofessional conduct on the discord server. Now I get it if y'alls wrote me off because of that absence (I would write myself off as a spectator as well) and simply just forgot about it and moved on. But the delay was simply due to me preparing the next post, as well as being busy with college work.
Honestly I would've preferred it if I could've responded more quickly. That way my previous post would've still been fresh in your minds, where in a way you can watch Merci kinda expose himself in real time. Going from deflecting with weak arguments/insults, to removing my post. Then as I pick apart his new arguments, watch him as he goes back to deflecting again. But I had to be careful with this issue, and do extensive research to make my case to the other mods reasonably clear.
So they could understand our grievances and agree to the:

So about a few weeks ago i uploaded a discussion post titled "SERIOUS ISSUE ABOUT MODS" where I exposed a server discussion between Merci, one of the discord server Mods and several other members of the community. Where the screenshots exposed him behaving disrespectfully to other members, deflecting, gaslighting, projecting, and responding with personal insults when asked legitimate questions.
(Imgur Album of last post here)
And a lot of you seemed to actually agree and support us in the comments, which was great. The post received over 300 upvotes. But that brought the post to the attention of the mod in question.....Merci. And lets just say he was none to pleased, and didn't handle the criticism very well. And he flat our rejected our request to be unbanned, using a fairly hostile tone against us. Even though our original demands were fairly conservative, where one of the main points was that the moderation didn't have to ease NSFW/Off-topic restrictions.
Then after a while, Merci likely seeing my post when it reached around 100 upvotes. He locked down the comments section. Preventing anybody else from discussing about him. And as someone else put it in our server "To get the last laugh" and then posted this long response:

At the end, he claimed he "wouldn't tear down this post as it wouldn't get anything done." Only for that to be a lie as he removed the post anyways once he realized locking the comments doesn't stop people from upvoting me. Where makes me look good, while making him look bad.
(post being removed)
Now he thought he could hide his mistake by removing my post. But honestly I was kinda expecting it, so of course I screenshotted it. It clear Merci has no problem banning/muting people that have negative opinions about him that he doesn't like. So now we have a clear established a pattern of behavior that shows he is prone to reaction banning. Keep this in mind for later, this will be very important...
But that's not the only thing he did. Under his first response, he posted a comment claiming to have evidence against us. Sharing a link to an Imgur album showing to what initially appears to be damning screenshots against us, trying to expose us. However, he only actually ends up exposing himself even more. Where we would get to that in part 2...
Now normally people would usually panic when they here the words "I have evidence against you" by someone, and feel as if they need to defend themselves. But as everyone in my group started to panic, and to be honest I began to panic to a degree as well. I then kept calm and then remembered this one crucial fact:
"Narcissists usually like to bring up your faults, to distract you and others from confronting them on their issues."
So I kept calm and continued to focus on what Merci is doing. Knowing to my self that he is just trying to district me, and that my convictions and observations are still perfectly valid and reasonable.
Lets go over his response shall we?
(Remember you are welcome to read his response as you want)

"We removed NSFW from the server to appeal to everyone."

"It didn't seem right to lock out people who enjoy the series."

"No one was banned for criticism because that is highly unprofessional and I remind staff that reactionary bans are unethical and unwelcome."

"Without revealing sources, since they were writers who wish not to be named..."

"Your group had no restrictions on NSFW content and violated Discord terms and services."

"We took care to do research, and took care to only ban those who violated Discord TOS."

"And we removed people who were actively seeking to cause us trouble in Discord."

"People who want to write fanfic should not be caught up in this."

"You as a group, have no grounds for submitting demands for a ban appeal..."

"Your group caused the server and staff a huge headache by throwing an absolute tantrum because we don't run the server the way you want us to."

"This is in no way going "Our way or the highway" because we opened two discussions about the subject."

"Even after the first discussion, which resulted in your home where you can govern it how you wanted."

"We had a discussion and then two, because we wanted to put this problem away for good."

"Your group was making the channel unusable."

"We also have evidence of you hiding away in your splinter server discussing ways to cause problems on the server and look for dirt to sling on staff."

"Mind you this was after a chunk of your server was banned."

"It's really is sad our two groups could not get along"

"As a community manager, it reflects bad on me."

"While dealing with these sort of situations one should remain mature regardless of everything going on because thats how everyone should be treated."
"We believe we are in the right."

"No need to remove this post, literally gets nothing done for either side."


Okay that was the section where section where I examined his long-winded response bit-by-bit. And as I was writing down my initial observations. I was feeling very good. I had this in the bag.
But then later he posted a second response below his first response. Claiming he has incriminating evidence against us.
Oh no...
All the screenshots appeared as if they were intentionally taken to show us at our worst! Oh no! I didn't know what to do! What would my mom think!? Now everybody is going to disagree with us and arguing it's not as bad as it seems would make us look worse and make things even more ba-
But then......I remembered to stay calm. and remembered this one crucial fact:
"Narcissists usually like to bring up your faults, in order to distract you and others from confronting them on their own personal issues." And kept my mind focused on how Merci was being immature, and his behavior was negatively impacting the fandom.
That is when Merci, seeing that his second comment that had the link to the "damning photos" of us was receiving downvotes, and that locking the comments didn't stop people from viewing the screenshots of him and upvoting my post anyways. Being highly emotional and not thinking clearly, as well as being too afraid of looking bad. He then removed my post, where nobody would end up seeing his screenshots in the end. Defeating the entire purpose of uploading those screenshots in the first place.......

(Meanwhile people on our server had a very appropriate reaction to this.)
Link to further enhance experience.

But not only was Merci highly erratic and showing a lapse in long term thinking skills. He also made a grave mistake, where I found some pretty damning evidence against him.
Before we dive into the evidence I found, lets dive into the screenshots he has of us first. BECAUSE OWNING YOUR MISTAKES AND NOT HIDING THEM AWAY IS THE MANLY THING TO DO! YEAH!
Also it would be cowardly if I tried to pretend those screenshots didn't exist, where everything was totally fine and nothing to see here! So lets go over the critical points anyways.
Lets start with the main argument for Merci maintaining the ban on us
Now the reason why Merci maintains the ban us despite everything according to him is that:
"Discord makes everyone a perpetrator that ignores NSFW being exposed to minors, and by unbanning you would would give us a bad-look, and creates an unnecessary risk of the server being torn down."
But even by logic it doesn't even make sense to maintain the ban on all 37 members to avoid "a bad look", because out of all the people shown in the screenshots Discord can prosecute for "Ignoring minors being exposed to nsfw" Discord only felt the need to issue a warning to 4 of them. Where to maintain a "good look" and still run no risk, you would only need to maintain the ban on those 4 members who received warnings, everyone else would be fine and everything would be kosher.
Also here is the most important bit, no-where in Discord TOS doctrine does it mention them making "everyone that ignores the act of minors being exposed to NSFW will be made a perpetrator"
(TOS Screenshot)
So Merci can unban the users that didn't receive a warning without worry. Also in the TOS, all it says is "They have the right to terminate service without notice or issue a warning" Which goes for any service really. Whether is be an app, website, store, or restaurant or heck even Ferrari. Where Ferrari is known to reposes their own cars from influencers to "Protect their brand" and I can agree with Ferrari, because I'm against high-performance sports car abuse from influencers, every high performance vehicle deserves the right to roam free on the straights of Monza or corners of Imola. (I'm getting off track here. Pun not intended.)
Point is, a company reserving the right to terminate service is nothing new and is something we live with every day but pay no mind to. Where every other server on discord is subject to the same conditions but yet the moderators aren't flipping out and becoming overbearing because of it. Where they actually treat and respect their users as people.
On top of that. Going back to what the TOS stated, discord reserves the right right to issue a warning. Where that is what Discord did in the screenshot Below where Salty Louis copy and pasted the message he received. Now sure in this instance, it was probably not the most professional to be joking on that matter. But regardless it does go to show that Discord has already took action and saw fit that only a warning be necessary.
Where we took responsibility for the infractions by tearing down our old server, and creating a new server where we made sure to be TOS compliant by age-gating all channels where we expect NSFW to be posted.
lol look at crappy lack of age gate

look at rad new server and the funny names we came up with lol!
Autism Speaks
(Unlike what probably Merci wants to think. We wont do it in . Were not that hopelessly stupid.)
Bibble Discussion
Now before we move on to something else. lets just take a dip into the community guidelines so we don't leave that stone unturned.
(Community Guidelines screenshot)
Okay so looking at rule 7 here. while I'm not scoffing or rolling my eyes at the idea of oversexualizing minors in the media is a bad thing. Especially in eastern media and anime through the use of "Fanservice" or through the use of lolicons. (Looking at you Seven Deadly Sins) But Haru in ch. 9 and Juno in full lingerie in ch. 79 are literally doing us no favors in that regard. Where the Manga in how it already currently exists, violates Community Guidelines. Paru gives us no room in this regard, where we cant avoid violating rule 7. Where nothing we can do would change that fact.
And it's not like we can just remove the sexual aspects of the show from conversation, where these sexual components regardless of execution are quintessential to the show if you want to talk about the deeper themes surrounding classism, race, gender, or sex. As Legoshi's attraction to Haru, and Louis' attraction to Juno brings up these matters with societal conflict and social expectations. After all the entire premise of Legoshi in season 1 is "Am I trying to sleep with Haru? Or am I trying to eat Haru?" Where the conflict of season 1 wouldn't work if you exclude the sexual/romantic aspects.
And since those NSFW elements are quintessential to Beastars and it's central conflict, where we cant change that fact. It is also quintessential to discussion about Beastars if you want to talk about the deeper themes surrounding classism, race, gender, or sex. It plays a role an examining the id. Since NSFW is part of the central conflict, and people are going to want to talk about the central-conflict. It is inevitable that NSFW elements of the show are going to be brought up both serious and non-serious in nature. (From a "serious clinical examination of Legoshi's herbivore fetish and how it affects his decisions", to Juno simps simply simping over Juno) Where those sexual elements like Haru in Ch. 9 and Juno in Lingerie in Ch. 79 will inevitably be brought up. Where both in the Manga/Anime as well as discussion, we can't really avoid this risk. Regardless of what Merci wants (Or I guess the rest of the moderation given some recent developments as I type this.)
Therefore, to best manage the risk. We need to allow for some concessions for discussing NSFW things in order to best supervise and manage that risk. Instead of pushing NSFW to another server beyond our supervision and creating more risk. Where that risk would be out of our hands, where there is nothing we could to do control and mitigate that risk.
In the end, we cannot really avoid breaking rule 7 given how Beastars is written by Paru. As well as given how Paru encourages us to discuss the more mature themes. We need to give room to allow people to explore the mature themes both implicitly and explicitly (within reason of course, were not asking for E621 here god forbid)
shifting to a more serious tone here. Merci actually really humiliated one of our members in an unacceptable way by exposing a kink they were into. Which actually really them. Kink shaming is wrong and regressive, where Beastars is the biggest anti-kinkshaming PSA out there in a way. Merci, I hope you feel ashamed of yourself. How would you like it if somebody decided to display what porn you're into up on a projector screen in front of everyone at school/work? Shame on you. You should know better. (Says this while wagging finger like a grandma)
Also lets be fair. A large number of us are furries and unfairly get harshly judged enough already. We should know not to judge someone for something they like. Unless they force it on others.
Look at it this way:
Person A: "I want to murder him!"
Person B: "Nuuuuuu don't murder him!"
Person A: "K fam I won't murder him U right say no more."
Hence a lack of concurrence. Person A ultimately did not set the murder attempt into motion.
(Oh yeah that big bulging brain muscle flex!)
I know I've been joking around and had some comic relief here or there. But despite my joking around, and sarcastic tone in my voice. I am still dead serious about my assertions with Merci.
As shown before here in part 1. Especially already by the intro, we have established that Merci is emotionally immature, highly overbearing, as well as very impulsive. Where he is prone to reaction banning. Deleting and removing my previous post that criticized his actions and behavior, even after saying he wouldn't. Where Merci didn't want to face criticism or accept responsibility for his behavior. All to maintain a false image that everything is fine, so nobody would question him and his Leadership. Even though the writing-corner was dying off because of his overbearing server rules.
And when we did offer our constructive criticism to improve the writing-corner, he repeatedly shut down conversation by deflecting, gaslighting, and throwing personal insults back at us calling us writers "untalented" despite never providing any proof that he has written any fanfiction himself. Even though it was a feedback session on how to improve the server, and for us to bring forth our complaints. He was never interested in hearing what we had to say. And he has demonstrated how bad he is at handling criticism. Which often results in him getting emotional, and making rash decisions with a very combative and black-and-white way of thinking.
Honestly, knowing how self-serving liars work. He is using that issue to drag peoples attention away from the mistakes that he made. Remember...we were the ones to propose an NSFW zone on the server. An age gate where NSFW is allowed to be, and if individuals under 18 enter. Liability is on them where they are not supposed to be there. Not the server as a whole. Had he designate an NSFW area, and age-gated it.
Plus another thing to mention. Is how you have servers and server owners that live and operate with the same risks as Merci did, (Like with Elias and the server that he owns Beastars Writers), and yet those server owners are not acting like children, and treating their members with dignity and respect. Heck, the other mods on Beastars still gave me a basic level of courtesy when asking me my concerns after I made my original expose. Where they were willing to engage in dialogue, unlike Merci where he completely shut down any conversation.
On top of that. Merci has no right to criticize us for not age-gating our server and failing to make it TOS-compliant. When he could've just done it himself, and set up an age-gated NSFW section on the Beastars server instead, avoiding this situation in the first place. Where he knew how to keep the zone TOS-compliant, and that things would be fine. In the end, he just wanted to export responsibility onto someone else, while taking no responsibility for himself.
Also by outright banning NSFW, Merci ripped any agency the mods had in managing NSFW right out of their hands and out of their control. Where the beastars moderation could do nothing but hope that other servers have reliable moderation, and that other servers are TOS-compliant. Despite the risk of non-compliant servers with flimsy moderation still remaining, where there is nothing the moderation could do about it. And by banning NSFW discussion as well as an strict clampdown on off-topic conversation, he just pushed more people onto other servers. Creating a more caustic situation where if "Discord making a perpetrator out of anyone who ignores minors seeing NSFW" was an actual issue, then he has only exasperated it.
But yet again he might have been referring to himself as the one "Ignoring the issue of minors" where HE is the one getting in trouble. However in that case Merci would be projecting his insecurities onto other people and calling it a day, instead of hiring a moderator to serve as a bouncer to patrol NSFW sections. Where if any members disclose they are under 18 in a NSFW section and somebody reports them, or a moderator spots them, then a moderator acting as a bouncer at a night club can remove the under-aged user's permissions to view that NSFW section on discord. ("Sorry kid. Can't let you in. No ID. No admittance!") Perfectly reasonable, and the moderation wouldn't be "ignoring the issues of minors".....But it would require some effort on behalf of the moderation, as well as being willing to accept responsibility for anything that happens in those NSFW sections. Which given how Merci doesn't want to take responsibility for his behavior, taking responsibility for the actions of the sub and putting in effort to actually patrol NSFW sections is something I doubt he is willing to do. Instead he'd rather point the finger at others being responsible for "ignoring the issue of minors", where we're the criminals, instead of pointing the finger at himself.
And sure...the person being thrown out of the NSFW section would likely be upset. But a leader needs to be willing to let people be upset at them, even if the thing is necessary. But Merci cant handle the idea of people being upset with him. Wanting to be a people pleaser, and not wanting people being mad at him. He is unwilling to serve that necessary bouncer role.
Maybe also how he is unwilling to have people be upset at him is also why he deleted my last post on this issue. Merci couldn't handle negativity. Where my post remaining up would make people upset at him, forcing him to take personal responsibility. Which he constantly wants to avoid.
So he uses TOS to distract people from how he lashes out like a child. Even though the TOS ultimately was a result of his policies driving people away onto Non-TOS Compliant Servers. Creating a risk of TOS warnings being issued to those servers, and by extension going off Merci's metric, creates risk of the beastars server being shut down. Which is the risk he was trying to avoid to begin with, and on top of that the risk of "Discord shutting down because users ignored NSFW being exposed to minors" doesn't actually exist in the first place. But still he used TOS to distract people from his childish nature, and ham-fisted black and white approach.
All because Merci is too afraid of accepting responsibility, that is why he deflects, gaslights, insults others, locks down posts with negative or critical comments, and taking down posts questioning his actions.
Even though his black-and-white approach to NSFW made the server unusable, killed off the writing-corner, killing off meaningful discourse in a toxic-positivity cesspool, as well as banning 33 people for no justifiable reason. All because he Instead would rather keep the façade that everything is fine in the server, So he doesn't have to do or change anything. Such as putting some effort into examining himself.
I guess that is why a TOS compliant NSFW/Mature zone is foreign to him. Because he doesn't even know how to comprehend the idea of someone making a decision and taking personal responsibility for it. Because he always avoids it. Like I said earlier, he'd rather export responsibility onto someone else, all while taking no responsibility for himself.
Of course I wouldn't be saying this if we didn't take responsibility for not being TOS-Compliant on our old server. Because unlike Merci. We ourselves are actually capable of taking responsibility for our failures. We tore up our old server, and built a new one. Where we age-gated everything that would possibly have NSFW posted. And you might say:
"How can you say Merci is responsible, and yet claim for you to be responsible too?"
Well thats because life isn't an eitheor situation. And to give a more clear answer. It's because we all have to be responsible for our actions. Even if sometimes we played no direct part in it. Where as we showed with setting up age-gates in our new/current server, we took responsibility for our mistakes. However in contrast, Merci isn't willing to take any responsibility for any role he played.
Next, asking members to accept personal responsibility is what makes an NSFW section work. You can't have a function world where nobody accepts responsibility. Whether it's the leadership at the top, or the general public at the bottom.
(You can end skipping here.)
Alright. Enough of me lecturing about "responsibility" like your dad, or Optimus Prime, or Kiryu Kazuma...Lets move onto the conclusion.

In Conclusion. The Criminal/Legal Argument doesn't even make sense. Because the smut contest wasn't carried out, the TOS violation lacks concurrence. Since Actus Reus (Criminal Act) can not be proven. Where to use the smut contest screenshot alone couldn't even be used to convict us, where it wouldn't even hold up in a criminal court of law. So since it doesn't hold up in a court of law, where we couldn't even be convicted on legal grounds in the first place.
It's a minor TOS violation that has since been handled by Discord and dealt with. Where we have long since took corrective measures by age-gating our new server. There is no Legal or TOS threat to reasonably justify defending against. Merci has no ground to justify maintaining the Ban at least on the 33 people that didn't receive a warning, and is just using the situation (Which he created in the first place by banning NSFW outright, as well as make the Off-topic rules unbearable forcing creators to leave) all to drag people's attention away from his unnecessarily strict server rules, as well as his overbearing, combative, and childish attitude.
where at the conclusion of this part, after everything we have established. We demand that we be unbanned from the server, as well as Merci be stripped of title and rank. As Merci is clearly mentally unfit for duty as a mod.
Now as much as I would like to say that us being banned, was just as a result of Merci being reckless and emotionally immature. And that us being reported was just an extremely lucky coincidence, that was completely separate from the second discussion that took place. But unfortunately, I cant say for sure that is the truth either.
Because in my expose Merci gave a long winded response, locked the comments, and then when seeing that my expose was still receiving upvotes, tore down my post. But in doing so, he has made a great mistake. A grave mistake that in the world of law would make any lawyer cringe and shake their head. He made a second comment, where he posted a link to the screenshots meant to defame us...In a comment section that he has a post that he himself has torn down....where nobody would end up seeing it....defeating the entire purpose of sharing those screenshots in the first place...All while I could still access the screenshots, and make copy of them to examine myself. What Merci did was make the grave mistake of dropping the evidence right into the opposing counsel's lap where they are free to examine as that wish. And boy.....did I find some extremely incriminating evidence against him.
Link to part 2.......
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2021.12.03 09:32 notoriousbeez It’s been 3 years and I still just don’t connect with my Fiancé’s family..

I am a chronic over thinker. I worry about what people think of me, I worry about saying the wrong things, and I have have a super hard time being myself in social situations. It’s funny, because I do hair for a living and can talk to my clients ALLLLL day, but out of that environment I am painfully socially anxious and awkward.
That being said, I’m having an extra hard time being comfortable around my (26F) fiancé’s (28M) family. It has been 3 whole years and I still just can’t get out of my head when I’m around them. I dread the holidays because I know we’ll be going to his families for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. I don’t want to dread these times because I feel like they should be fun and I should be happy to see them.
This year, at thanksgiving, I was sooo nervous to go to their house for dinner (basically his whole immediate family was there). I walked in, greeted everyone, and it was fine. I asked if they needed help with anything (they didn’t). And then I just kind of sat there. I tried to include myself in their conversations, but half the time I had no idea what their inside jokes were or what they were talking about because I haven’t seen any of them in a year. So after awhile I just kind of stopped trying to join the conversation. When they asked me about my life and how we’re doing, my answers seemed to not satisfy them in a weird way. They kind of look at me like I’m speaking a foreign language and I’m not making sense. (For example, they ask how wedding planning is going. I’m not planning a wedding and we may elope but haven’t decided. His family cannot comprehend that I’m not ready for marriage right away.)
I ask his cousins and aunt questions about their lives and always just get one word answers that don’t spark a conversation. Sometimes I wonder if they just don’t like me. It’s so uncomfortable to be an outsider in someone else’s home.
We have very different political views. They are 100% conservative and I am not. I don’t know how they found this out, (my fiancé probably let it slip or they’ve just picked up context clues). I would never bring up politics, but they do whenever they see me. I try to create a boundary by saying I am not comfortable with the politics conversation and we should keep the mood light. (In so many words). For example, they ask weird things like if I have been vaccinated, which to them is a political issue rather than a healthcare thing. But I have this theory that because our politics are different, they feel like I am not one of them and never will be. I don’t think they even care to get to know me on any other level. They know nothing about my hobbies, where I grew up, what my sense of humor is. Etc.
In the end I just don’t feel comfortable around them and it makes me sad. I want to have that connection with them, it seems like so many healthy relationships include that healthy connection with each other’s families. Is it sustainable to be in a relationship where I never completely settle in with his family? How do I get out of my head and connect with them more? I have to be at a Christmas party with them on January 1st and I am absolutely dreading it.
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2021.12.03 09:32 AuronPeralta [EU-DE] [H] Purple Klippe T build, Rama Kara Azur, Ikki68 Mint, Maxkey SA Berserk keycaps, Matrix Keyboards Florida Mayhem keycaps [W] PayPal

TIMESTAMP -> Make sure to check it!

Item Notes Price (€)
Klippe T Purple build Durock V2 smoked lubed stabilizers; Cherry Silent Red switches; Brass plate; 7u space bar bottom row; Not included: keycaps. 340 + shipping
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Matrix Keyboads's Florida Mayhem keycap set (104 keys) - 19 + shipping

- Within DE = 6 €
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- Outside of the EU: let's discuss via DM.

Please post a comment below if you're interested, as you send me a PM. Usually, people say "PMd".
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32M Puerto Rican living in Japan who wants to chat? Anything goes except explicit.
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2021.12.03 09:32 turksby932 If you're no longer interested in meeting up, just tell it straight up

Basically the title. In the US I've had a lot of experience when the girl was clearly not interested in meeting up anymore after showing a lot of interest in the beginning that she would drag the date on or give stories/excuses why she can't make it. If you're no longer interested in meeting, don't let the other one hang, just tell them straight up. It hurts at first but it's much better for both sides afterwards 🙏
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2021.12.03 09:32 Eddy154 [Q] Anyone else noticed that nomad knife price went up by a lot?

Did I miss something or? I saw s1mple and a lot of other pros using this knife in blast, so I feel like people were unaware of it before, including myself, until pros started using it and realized that it's a good looking knife with a cool animation, and now the demand is higher, so the price is going up or am I tripping? Cause seeing it made me wanna get it too.
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2021.12.03 09:32 jinsoulfeen If you could go back to one moment in your life and prevent it from happening what would it be?

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Фанаты Оксимирона: гуглят, кто такая Екатерина Шульман. Екатерина Шульман: гуглит, кто такой Оксимирон. submitted by Forjoin to rusagitprop [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 09:32 Art-FP Is it called a hoodie if it has a zip

What's your opinion?
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2021.12.03 09:32 hondafreak08 Scan OCR

Hi All!
We are currently looking for a fix to a systematic problem . Currently our shop is doing things very old school, manually receiving in purchase orders and typing in information from them . ( Part number, po number , customer ID ect.)
Another issue is that each customer has a different format of purchase order they send in, as well as some language barriers.
Is this something Adobe Pro Scan/OCR can automatically look for key values and export them into another software ?
Thanks in advance!!
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2021.12.03 09:32 Interesting-Gas-7566 Doge🐕Bonk 🏏 - We are the anti-meme dog, meme dog token. Contract Renounced / LP Burned / 🔥BURN wallet 🔥

not another Uniswap clone,
no useless NFTs,
no roadmap,
no fake promises,
just BONK memes 🏏
We're honest with you.
DogeBonk is the most memeable project in the crypto space.
Not convinced? Google "Doge Bonk" and look at the images 😊
We've got the best community, the best memes, the best energy.
We're on a mission to bonk all other meme tokens - and you can join us for this ride! 🤘
Our community is constantly organizing raids, doing marketing and designing memes 🚀
We went from $2000 market cap to $6m market cap within 3 days, and currently on a dip!
This is going to go parabolic just because of the sheer force behind it 🔥
Is DogeBonk safe?
Liquidity was locked forever by burning all LP tokens 🔥
Ownership of the contract was renounced.
Contract is a 1:1 copy of SafeMoon which was audited by Certik.
Top holder owns only 0% of the supply.
10% tax on all transactions:
8% are distributed to fellow DOBO holders,
2% are added to liquidity to create an ever rising price floor.
Contract address: 0x21ede9b04cd2abc8ce2023175c3dba0a53778bbd
Renounced Ownership:
LP Locked:
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2021.12.03 09:32 Tra5hNoiiise Evolución en la relación(?

Hola a todxs. Quisiera compartir una inquietud que tengo recientemente, pues mi novia, con quien llevo casi 6 años, me comentó que estaba interesada en experimentar en nuestra sexualidad con otras personas, en un principio no supe cómo tomarlo, después asimilé que si sólo era una cuestión de placer, no tendría problema, pues he sido su primer y único novio, también entendí cómo esto puede influir en su interés. Ella y yo tenemos una relación muy linda dónde tenemos confianza, comunicación y felicidad, pero eso no evita que en mí surgan inseguridades como el si le gustaría más estar con las otras personas, o si a causa de esto ya no conectemos sexualmente. Por ahora, nuestro interés principal es invitar a una chica a un trío, pero ciertamente tampoco he tenido relaciones sexuales fuera de una relación, por ende tampoco sabemos cómo se pide o dónde encontrar a alguien con un interés similar.
Mis dudas son ¿Cómo se puede invitar a alguien a formar parte del trío? ¿Cómo se lidia con las emociones de soltar la exclusividad en este aspecto? ¿Qué experiencias han tenido ustedes si han estado en la misma situación?
Amo a mi novia, pero me duele pensar en el escenario donde podamos terminar por esto, espero que me puedan apoyar.
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2021.12.03 09:32 sainiyogesh01 Homo Spaciens unite many exciting elements that depict how human beings will evolve physically and technologically to address environmental conditions.

#vizzioart #vizzioartcreatorslab #homospacienxsnewsartistartgallerycryptocommunitydropistartcollectorstoriespunks.
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2021.12.03 09:32 iota1atg The new gen'z trousers.Cringe👖

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2021.12.03 09:32 lilithG1999 Baby girl I can’t wait to meet you in May 2022🌸🌸

I’m so so excited 😁🧡❤️
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