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Which one is better?
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Okay so In part 1, we went over Merci's weak arguments, and how by him constantly shunting responsibility he inadvertently created the incident in the first place. And while we should've been more careful on our old server, still many things didn't make sense as to why it would make sense to ban us from the server in the first place. There was no functional or logical reason to do so.....After all the entire reason the #writer-club was created was should anything happen there. Beastars shouldn't have to break a sweat...
The oversight was our responsibility, as well as any risks that come with NSFW. Where if discord gets mad, we bite the bullet one way other the other. It's our head on the chopping block, not Merci's and the rest of Beastars. Where if our server gets nuked, he could just say "Whelp, they should've been more careful." and that would be the end of it.
Plus as I mentioned earlier, wouldn't it be more reasonable just to ban people who received warnings? It just didn't make sense to ban everyone else as well. Why maintain a ban on someone with no records or warnings from discord? It made no sense. It served no purpose. Why ban Portal, Azuko, when they received no warnings? Many other people voiced this concern too.

Also another thing that was weird was as mentioned by Bas, was that people who didn't have their names shown in the screenshots that Merci shared were banned as well.

Also it bothered me how the screenshots look targeted. Like the "anonymous witness" knew what to look for. Knowing things and details only a moderator would know to look for. If they were the same screenshots they shared with Merci.
Also wouldn't the witness not take as many screenshots as they did? Like if something bothered them, wouldn't they take only a few screenshots of the one thing that bothered then and set them off and that would be it? Where the witness wouldn't really care to look for other things that our server did wrong? In and out, only getting the few screenshots they need rather than (25?) Only documenting the one thing that shocked them and then leaving, not wanting to spend more time in our server than they have to? Instead of giving a thorough inspection as the screenshots suggested the did?
Looking at the circumstances, these are just things that bothered me about what happened.
As I was sitting here thinking about the evidence. So many things did not line up for it just to be a random incident for us to get reported they day after the second discussion and subsequently banned.
Like I couldn't really think of a good motive as for why the witness that reported us would want to stay anonymous. Not to be blunt. But it's not like a life or death situation where the need to put under witness protection because they fear revenge from the Mafia sending assassins to eliminate them. And god knows a few lowly discord users like us sure as heck don't have any capabilities like that to track down their location and send assassins over to them. Also as I said before, if our group really was that despicable, wouldn't it make more sense that they would want to claim they were the ones to tear us down? Like if I captured a serial child murdererapist, I would want to be praised for being an American hero! Or at least not be bothered by having my name mentioned. Also would revealing their identity as the ones to expose our old-server help differentiate them from everyone else on the server? Just saying....
Also even before I actually read the community guidelines and discord TOS myself. I couldn't get why Merci would be so worried about infractions that happened outside his jurisdiction. Like if it's outside his Jurisdiction, it's outside his responsibility. Where everything that does happen in our old server, he as well as the entire Beastars discord server would not bear any liability for. In fact, that was kinda the entire reason the writers-club was formed in the first place. As a way to ensure liability wouldn't fall on the main server. And i think the other mods know this as well.
Where id Discord was to be upset at us, it would be our heads on the chopping block. Not Merci's, nor the rest of the entire Beastars server. Where if any major infraction were to happen, it would've been our old server that would get nuked by discord. And we would be the ones to bite the bullet while the rest of the community would stay safe. And since the Beastars server is SFW and as far as we know, is squeaky clean. There should be no reason for Discord to swing the guns on the main Beastars discord.
Also with 32,000 members in the discord server, that would leave a lot of possibly Non-TOS compliant servers unaccounted for that the other 32,000 members might participate in that discord might have a problem with. Yet it's weird that our group is the one getting singled out by Merci.
And I couldn't get over the timing in which everything happened as well. Like for us to be banned after having that one-sided discussion with Merci, the timing was just too perfect and too convenient for it just to be a coincidence. The timing lined up so much with a reaction ban. And given how emotionally unintelligent Merci seems to be, he is the type of person that would do that sort of thing. Also Thinking about the witness, given how we act. Why didn't the "Anonymous Witness" report us much sooner instead of specifically after our conversation with Merci? Like realistically, it would've happened waaaaayyyyy sooner or waaaaayyyy later after the second discussion. If the "anonymous witness" that was reported us to Discord was acting in good faith, and for some reason shocked by something we did. Why would they take 25 screenshots of us and send them to discord or Merci? Wouldn't it just make more sense to take 1-5 screenshots of the incident that bothered them and then leave? On top of that, we couldn't think of much of a motive for the "Anonymous Witness" to try and tear down our server, at least in good faith. Because if they came to our server to get away from the strict Beastars server rules, why would they want to tear it down then if it means they would forced to go back to the Beastars server which they were trying to get away from in the first place? As well as send screenshots of us to the Beastars mods, who since they came to our server probably didn't like in the first place. It just did not make sense.
In the end as I was going through the evidence, my mind still couldn't get off how the timing was too perfect. Where no matter what theory people would think of. In my mind, the timing had to play a factor somehow. And I kept going back to it. Where I still had a gut feeling Merci was somehow responsible for all this. He just didn't seem like the type of guy to be able to handle criticism based on how he acted in the screenshots. Nothing about the ban seemed to make sense if it was executed in good faith.
Then I made my first post about Merci, where it was subsequently shut down by none other then Merci himself. I was looking through the my copy of the screenshots Merci had of us, and talking with seasalty figuring out who might have ratted on us.
Up to this point, of course we were wondering who the anonymous witness was, to the extent of trying to figure out the user profile that took the screenshots of us. But we haven't truely asked the question of WHO was the person behind the profile that reported us.
Where to get into the meat of my argument, as well as put everything together. I need to start with asking this question:
"Have you ever asked yourself who the witness was?"
I know I essentially did in a way by questioning the motives and actions of the witness earlier. But was the witness ever actually a witness to begin with?
As I looked through the photos, one of the things that jumped out and continued to bother me was how there was a pattern to how the screenshots were taken. Like it wasn't just a random pattern, where the witness dumped a bunch of information, or were the screenshots centered around one particular TOS incident. No, the way the witness took the screenshots, it looked like the witness had an agenda and knew what they were looking for. Where not only the "anonymous witness" was trying to find damning evidence to make us look bad. But also the screenshots follow a pattern as if the witness was also familiar with Beastars anti-nsfw and off-topic rules, as well as knew TOS-Compliance rules as well. The most telling instances being this two screenshots from Merci:
(Victem Complex 13)
(Victem Complex 14)
Where I doubt the average Discord user would specifically know to look for "Off-topic" violations as well as specifically screenshot the age-gating infraction on out server channel. Cropping out everything else as to not reveal their identity.
(Victim Complex 10)
Simply put, it feels out of place for a random discord user that is not a mod to specifically know to screenshot the channels for a lack of age-gate. Also they are cropped as to not revel their identity.

Also why would the "Anonymous Witness" take the screenshots to Merci, when it would be more Logical to take the evidence directly to discord instead?
In that case, if the witness took the evidence to discord. Assuming that Merci and the "Anonymous Witness" are separate people. How is Merci able to gain access to the evidence/screenshots if he shouldn't be able to see them in the first place? The Screenshots would be in discord's possession, not Merci's. And he couldn't possible have the power to ask discord for a copy since Discord shouldn't have a reason to give him one.
Also wouldn't discord hide the user's identity? Rendering the whole "Anonymous Witness" statement redundant? Because if discord didn't reveal who reported on us. Logically speaking, Discord would hide the user's identity. So it would be redundant for Merci to claim "We are keeping the witness anonymous" since discord was keeping the witness' identity secret anyways. Heck, realistically Merci shouldn't know the identity too, since discord wouldn't have shared that information with him.
Also if the "witness" went to discord, and Merci didn't know or see the evidence like he realistically should. Assuming discord didn't alert him. How would he have know the TOS violation took place? If the warning was only shared between Discord and Salty Louis the server owner? As well as 2 other people from our server?
In fact it makes the screenshot of SeaSalty joking about the warning make even less sense. Since assuming Merci and the Witness did not even know what each other was doing since they "separate people". Then why would the witness even know to look for the TOS violation Salty Posted as well as other things only a mod would know to look for? How would the witness know to get that information, when normally they shouldn't, all while when otherwise Merci should be completely oblivious to what is going on since discord shouldn't even notify what is be reported in our server?
The Circumstances in which Merci was able to have access to information he otherwise should not, I find extremely suspicious.
As me and salty were discussing who could've possibly ratted on us the day after the discussion. Salty mentioned a very crucial detail. One that blew the case wide open.
"You can force you account into the "inactive" status."
And then the idea hit me. Maybe Merci was the "Anonymous Witness" all along. Back then when on the old server, we weren't doing any background checks checks on whoever entered the server. We were just wanting to get away from the strict server rules, and allowed anyone to join who said the felt the same. Where they would've said "Hey can I join?" and we would've said "sure" and let them in.
Merci would've been able to sneak in anytime he liked under an alt-account he created to spy on us. Where due to our relaxed security at the time, all he had to do was just ask "Can I join?" to get in, get all the necessary greetings out of the way, put up the "inactive" status where nobody would've noticed his presence. Since he was just another person on the "inactive" list to gloss over. Where his alt-account could remain dormant until it best suited him to use it. Where after the fateful discussion in September, he used his "spy account" to silently get the screenshots that suited his needs, and then left without a trace.
Going onto another topic.......
Remember this quote?

"Reaction banning is unethical and unwelcome, I tell other moderators not to do it."
Given how Merci is a pathological liar, He has all the motive in the world to claim an "Anonymous Witness" sent him information. Since if he were to just outright ban us after the second discussion without the screenshots. It would make him look bad and extremely hypocritical to the other moderators if he said he was the one who reported us and banned us. Because Merci would be doing the exact thing he was telling the other moderators not to do. Where just banning us without a TOS claim would make Merci appear hypocritical, and the others mods would see that Merci doesn't practice what he preach, where possibly the other moderators would take action against him.
But I couldn't accuse Merci based off of speculation and circumstantial evidence. Where the circumstances indicate a reaction ban, but doesn't prove it. I still needed substantial evidence.
But as I was chatting away with friends, I was trying to figure out which screenshot goes where in this post. Labeling them and organizing them. I was looking through the photos/screenshots Merci had of us, trying to figure out the labels I had for them. I was just kinda mindlessly browsing through the screenshots, not really looking for any clue in particular.....And that's when I saw it. The clue that was key to the crime...

And now I finally show you exactly why Merci made a grave mistake in essentially dropping evidence into the opposing counsel's lap. As I promised in part 1.....
Now let me ask you one final question....
"When you look at this photo. What do you see?"

"Look closely....."


Look at the date.... 08/03/21. A month before the discussion/banning took place. Now compare it to the photo below.

09/13/21....... The witness was intentionally looking back though our history to find dirt on us. A conversation from a month before the discussion. The only reason a person would decide to look back that far through a month's worth of discord convo is if they were intentionally looking for dirt on somebody else they don't like, looking in every nook and cranny. All these screenshots weren't just from around the day off the ban, they were from way earlier. So it isn't a random witness, and we established that the witness and Merci couldn't be separate people. And the only person petty enough to actually search through someone's history to try and find dirt to use against on someone, especially after losing a conversation....is Merci....He didn't like people thinking negative of him. We have established he is prone to reaction bans after tearing down my original post. Also the screenshots followed a pattern showing that the "witness" was looking for things only a moderator would know to look for. A Moderator like Merci.

And just so to be clear that the screenshots weren't just a random collection of completely unrelated separate incidents and infractions. Where different people reported on us to Merci at different times when they happened. Where Merci was just saving up ammunition to use against us. (Which would be shady as well) Here are two screenshots of the same conversation taken at different times. One 3 hours after the conversation, the other 3 days after the conversation.
( Also what a horrible breach of Off-topic rules! Such savagery! How dare we practice reading METAR weather information and discuss topics related to aviation!)
(3 Hours after METAR conversation)

(3 Days after METAR conversation)
One reads the time. The other reads the date. If the screenshot taken on 08/03/21 was taking by a witness in good faith, it would've read time. The screenshots Merci took reads out the date, he was intentionally looking back through our history to find dirt on us.
As established in part 1. He is prone to reaction banning, as well as we established that he does have a motive to hide his identity under "Anonymous Witness" so other mods don't take action on him.
The Final Verdict
Merci wanted to get rid of us. He used an alt account to spy and collect dirt on us. As a moderator, he knew where to look and what to look for in order to find dirt on us. Anything that would cause discord to issue a warning on our previous server and some of it's members. Because a Discord warning would give him the excuse he was looking for to ban whoever and however he sees fit. Removing and suppressing members who have dared to call him out and anyone associated with them. And then knowing that Discord issued warnings to those 3-4 members, he then sprung into action, reaction banning whoever he didn't like.
Knowing that 3-4 people receiving a warning on a different server wouldn't justify banning everyone else that had clean records on that server. Under the banner of "Discord makes a perpetrator our of anyone that ignores Minors being exposed to NSFW", Merci used that made-up excuse to justify banning the rest of the users who didn't have a record as well. Including Dr. Portal and Azuko, two people he didn't like because they criticized how he was running the server, but didn't like have a record he could use against them. As well as myself, where I wasn't even in part of the argument between Dr. Portal/Azuko and Merci, and I still got banned for doing nothing. Merci also banned people who weren't even in the screenshots he shared as well, like Bas the Wolf Commando. Who I'm not even sure if he was part of our old server back then.
Merci banned whoever he didn't like with the excuse he made up. It was open season for him. Banning/suppressing people who have seen him for his ugly behavior, as well as the people that know the people who have seen him for his ugly behavior. A true suppression attempt, banning by affiliation.
In the end, as seen with the evidence. Merci never cared about the safety of the server. If he truly did care, he would've be constantly spying on our server and reported us the second we violated TOS. Or better yet, he would would've just shown up himself and firmly tell us the corrections we needed to make instead of giving a record to 4 of our members and intentionally creating a risk, in which beastars would be affiliated with. But no.....Merci only used his fake account to use against us whenever it was convenient for him. The thing is.....Merci never really cared about the safety of the server or it's members,. In the end, he only cared about saving his ass.

Now I understand that a pattern in the screenshots doesn't irrefutably prove that Merci was the "Anonymous Witness". But it does provide enough evidence for an inquiry to ask Merci to disclose the actual identity of the witness, or to confess in a "plea deal" that he was the one to take the screenshots of us and orchestrate the ban against us. Where he would only face a one-year ban instead of a permanent ban.
As well as subject Merci and "the witness" to tests to verify that they are separate people should Merci claim to be innocent. Whether that be to ask Merci and the witness to enter a voice chat simultaneously with other mods as well as myself. Or other more verifiable tests that might be available.
But if Merci claims to be innocent, but refuses to reveal the identity of the witness or take the test, or reveals the identity of "the witness", but "the witness" doesn't take the test for whatever reason. Then Merci will be banned.
Finally even if Merci and "the witness" do show up, take the test, and prove they are separate people. Proving Merci's innocence and proving my theory wrong. Still I believe I made my case for me and the 33 other users who didn't receive a warning from discord to have our bans appealed, and to be let back onto the Beastars discord server.
Huh....interesting. Apparently Merci resigned from being the server owner as well as resigning from being moderator.....well.....that was anti-climatic....was kinda gearing up to have him ban me from reddit the second I uploaded this. But life is like that at times. Like the Cuban missile crisis, or whenever North Korea threatens to invade South Korea but they actually don't, or the ending of the Melon arc. You know I was really expecting some sort of epic final battle where things go full Anime between Me and Merci.
Hmmph.....well. That doesn't mean Merci still couldn't face repercussions. Also I can still get an appeal for me and at least 32 other people, given that I provided solid enough evidence regarding the TOS policy where the other mods can feel rest assured that they wont be running a major risk unbanning those that didn't receive a warning from Discord.
Granted it would've been really cathartic if I could've remove Merci while he was still in power. But we can still get justice, which is what matters more in the end. And if we can unban those who don't have a warning from discord, as well as easing restrictions when it comes to more mature topics. Then it would still be an absolute win.
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So I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic. I know Marisol/Griffey will go on last…but should it? I personally feel the last match should be Rocha/Murrell. I feel that way for a few reasons. The biggest one being I think from a live show perspective, that match will have the most energy and if you put it fourth (which i believe is the current plan) it will suck a lot of the energy out of the room and negatively effect the championship. But the other reason is that the Schmoedown at its core has been wrestling meets movie trivia. When the pandemic happened it had to pivot towards more of sports meets movie trivia. But I think Griffey/Marisol represents the new Schmoedown and Rocha/Murrell represents the old Schmoedown. So what better way to usher the new season and going back to the way things were then to end the season of war with The two biggest names in the industry?
What do you all think?
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Can’t find it on google, I know it’s here somewhere.
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2021.12.03 09:30 enormous-copydesk (genuine question) Why choose a cruiser (at medium-high tiers)?

I'm a noob, and I really like the idea of the cruiser, a role I find more difficult than Bb and DD.
But they are slower than DDs, they are less stealth, they have fewer torpedoes (or don't have them), they are extremely fragile (at level 9 or 10, showing the side once a BB can end the game), the difference in speed with a BB it is relatively low.
Why not choose a BB at this point? ok they have radar (not all) or hydro (not all) and we often talk about "support" ship, but support of what specifically? Can a BB do almost the same things in better way?
The idea of a "cruiser - being a bit strong on everything" seems the opposite, they suck a bit on everything. Am I a masochist to choose them?
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2021.12.03 09:30 cloudhell Are alchemy-only cards useless after rotating?

from what i understand of this new update, will it have cards that are only usable in the standard alchemy magic mode, but when they rotate i won't be able to use them anywhere? since they are only for alchemy mode and cannot be used in history?

sorry my english, not my main language
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So I'm fairly new to linux but I am trying to find a distro that works, so far I love the customisation arch and gentoo gives you but my only one concern except of the longer download times is the compatibility and if GURU is a better deal than AUR and if this has any cons to choosing GURU over AUR. I am new to linux and this may be a dumb question so sorry in advance if this is wasting your time.

Thanks in advance!
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