Life is short and we all die in the end anyway. So live. Just live.

2021.12.03 10:37 Butterflies_Books Life is short and we all die in the end anyway. So live. Just live.

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2021.12.03 10:37 slimshady32345 Imagine strolling in disneyland and mickey comes up to you and says this.

u wana have anal sex ?
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2021.12.03 10:37 Commander_PonyShep A lot of you are saying that in Gundam 00, Celestial Being doesn't have a Chang Wufei/Gundam Altron analogue

Even though, to me, they do, it's just that Wufei and Altron had been combined with Heero Yui and Wing Zero to form Setsuna F. Seiei and Exia/00 Raise[0] Quan-T.
And I say this because Altron was built as a close-quarters melee unit, and Exia and its successor units were both a combination of Wing Zero's general-purpose features and Altron's CQB features.
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2021.12.03 10:37 Honor_Bound (PC) How do you use Lord of Wolves in pvp? Is it viable?

I’ve honestly only messed around with the gun a few times but saw a guy recently dominating with it in pvp and it piqued my interest.
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2021.12.03 10:37 Xzaith_Productions Mata-Nui: Part 1 - Chapter 21: The Frozen Tops of Ko-Koro (2/2)

Not wanting to comment on it, he saluted back and proceeded to enter Ko-Koro. The houses were somewhat elongated, hexagonal and with rounded ends. They were not like in the rest of the villages, which used to go for semi-spheres with the materials that they had at their disposal in each one. Everything was silent, there was no one on the streets. The snow covered up to the knees and the only sound other than the wind was the occasional chime made, of course, of ice, hanging from some doors.
A great wall of irregular ice covered the entire village, having only one entrance. There was a lot of unevenness from one place to another, sometimes natural, sometimes handmade with huge blocks of ice. The pine trees, always covered with snow, were the only thing that gave the village some color.
One of the buildings stood out even more than the rest, looking like a great temple that rose three or four times above the rest. Presuming that it was the house of the Turaga, he approached being a little uneasy by the noise he made when walking in the snow.
After climbing steep stairs from which he almost slipped twice, he reached that building. There was a slight heat coming from the inside, not too much for Takua to feel comfortable, but to notice a big difference against the outside. Upon entering, he could see the tall walls, illuminated by Lightstone, filled with writing etched into the ice from ceiling to floor with hardly any space left for anything else. Around were some Ko-Matoran, contemplating, reading, writing, concentrating at all times on the walls. In the center of the first room of the building, there was a small fire pit with a metal container heating up, which Takua assumed was food, but it was only incense for the headaches they used to suffer in there. On the wall opposite the entrance, there was a large bust of Toa Kopaka's armor, darkly lit by a pair of Lightstones.
A Ko-Matoran approached him carefully, hardly appearing to make any noises when walking. Takua sighed two things, either he shouldn't have gone in there, or his lost face had given him away.
The Ko-Matoran in front of him looked very tired, with deep dark circles and half-closed eyelids most of the time. She spoke in a whisper, causing Takua to lean forward so he could understand what she was saying.
_ Welcome, traveler. You can join our meditation if you wish. Ah, Turaga Nuju gets very "happy" every time a new Matoran pursues the knowledge _ she chuckled, very quietly.
Takua, trying to match his voice to the Ko-Matoran's, asked with some discomfort:
_ What place is this? I wish to speak to Turaga Nuju, but I do not know where he is.
She looked disappointed, but Takua couldn't read her well due to the lack of expressiveness of emotions that the Ko-Matoran seemed to have.
_ Oh, I thought you had come to the Sanctuary to join the Search _ she pointed to the next room of the building, to the right, towards a corner. There is Turaga Nuju, but Matoro is not there. He is the only one who can translate his wisdom.
Takua didn't understand exactly what she meant by that, so he preferred to keep quiet about it.
Realizing that it was a good time to get information, Takua took the book out and informed the Ko-Matoran of his status as a Chronicler.
_ Is there anything else you want to know?
_ Can you explain to me what the Quest you mentioned before is?
_ Of course, Chronicler. Written on these walls and many tablets are the great Prophecies. It requires years of meditation and patient decryption for only a tiny fraction of these. Turaga Nuju is the one who has achieved the most of this. He is the one who can understand the past and the future. He has Visions and is the one who helps the newest to reach a basic level of understanding. He knows so much about the future that you will never see him do something for no reason or that does not affect the future of the Great Spirit himself, Mata Nui. Mundane tasks are replaced by the power of his Kanohi, with the ability to move objects with only his willpower; he is awesome and quite a role model...
Takua got more information from the Turaga than he actually asked. Deciding that perhaps it was better to ask Turaga Nuju for more direct answers, he thanked the Ko-Matoran for the help and approached with a delicate step until he finally reached the Turaga.
Turaga Nuju slowly turned around. Takua had finally met all the Turaga of Mata-Nui. Ko-Koro's leader wore the Kanohi on him, only letting his icy, tired eyes stare at him without even flinching. His mask flashed for a moment and his climbing spike-shaped staff floated up to his hand and leaned on it, silently gazing out at the stranger.
_ Hello _ Takua began, intimidated by his presence. It was a similar sensation that he had felt with Vakama. _, I don't wish to interrupt the Search, but perhaps you can help me. I'm here with... with the mission-
Takua was suddenly interrupted by a fuss from the Turaga followed by what seemed like a constant click of his tongue.
_ Excuse me...?
Turaga Nuju continued to make those striking sounds and gestures and Takua thought of Le-Koro for a few moments as they reminded him of the sounds of birds in the mornings. "Matoro can translate his wisdom", he thought, understanding what she meant by that.
He quickly apologized and went back to the Ko-Matoran, asking her something that unnerved her.
_ Where's Matoro?
To which she responded with some concern:
_ In The Drifts, hunting Rahi. If you go in search of him, be careful. The summit of Mount Ihu has no compassion even for our own. Follow me _ they both walked to a hidden passageway in the walls. _. Follow the red flags and they will take you alongside him.
Thanking for the information, he bowed farewell and went into the passage. Takua was beginning to see a pattern with the Ko-Matoran and their use of passageways hidden behind puzzles or camouflaged with the environment, hidden from any stranger.
Takua was getting tired of traveling through tunnels dug in the ice.
_ The only good thing that they have unlike the tunnels of Onu-Koro, is that I don't need Lightstone and it's more beautiful to look at than a brown wall all the time. _ after saying that, he wished that the passage didn't echo and they would hear him in the temple.
After several minutes of walking, he finally reached the outside again. The snow one under his feet was deeper. The sun was reaching the second quarter of its cycle that day and the sky was shining a beautiful blue. Clouds surrounded the mountain, large and darkened. A few meters from him he saw the first flag. He sighed in relief, seeing that it stood out so much for the contrast between white and red. There were even footsteps that he could follow up the mountain.
He stepped away from the tunnel and sat on the ground, pulling out the Heatstone to warm himself up a bit. His legs, fingers and cheeks were numb and he wanted to get some rest before continuing up a mountain.
Clearly, this was not his place, and so it was that he had not considered staying in Ko-Koro as he had done with the other villages, which was a very clear sign that he didn't feel the least bit, under any circumstances, interested to stay. Still the landscape seemed beautiful to him, in addition to the white of the mountain, from there he could see the lush forest of Le-Wahi, the sea and the desert of Po-Wahi just by standing up a little on tiptoe. Imagining Kiisu sitting next to him comforted him a bit, in addition to making him notice that both he and his friend stood out a lot in such a monochrome landscape.
Even though Takua needed him at that moment, the different situations had made him continue alone. Kiisu's insistence that no other Matoran see him were a big problem, and Takua couldn't leave those Ta-Matoran on their own, especially after Jaller had asked for his help.
"Jaller", that name reminded him of the incident from just a few hours ago. He no longer wanted to cry, he could only release the air from his lungs to try to relax, followed by a cloud of mist that clouded his vision for mere seconds, but the path was clear in front of him, the footsteps led upwards, marked by the red flags.
Even if he liked having a partner on his trip, he knew it was better that way. "I'm the Chronicler, anyway",he told himself, defeated. Once ready to continue, he jumped up, checked that the clothes he had borrowed were well secured, that the Heatstone was completely closed, that the pickaxe was securely attached and the backpack in good condition, and began to ascend the mountain.
It was not an easy path. In no time, a blizzard had arisen. It had been so fast that Takua guessed it could only have been Makuta's doing. Either that, or he had underestimated the mountain itself by climbing it alone. He lost sight of the flags, he could barely see a couple of meters in front of him. The wind was strong and the flakes hitting him felt like blades on his neck and the side of his head.
He no longer knew where he had come from or where was he going. From time to time, Takua would come across one or another of the flags, hoping to know where to go or where to return. But there was no way. The figures in the distance, all looked like beasts or giant claws of some Rahi approaching him. He couldn't see anything but the snow rushing around him and he couldn't hear anything but his groans, the crunching snow and the strong wind.
It was dark, or was it just his closed eyelids? The sound of the wind had turned into chants, into muffled sobs. He almost tripped. He was able to hold onto something cold. The blinding whiteness returned. Ahead of him, several meters away, a dark figure of a Matoran pointed the right way with his finger. Takua turned to continue on the marked path, he saw the mist come out of his mouth with each puff. Snow floats in the air, stopped in time. The mysterious Matoran is carving something on a stone in the middle of the snow, a rock that represents Mata Nui, the Great Spirit.
Kiisu kept his back at all times. He sat up, gliding through the snow revealing what he had written on the stone as he stroked each letter with his fingertips, unreal.
"Do you remember them?" said on the stone.
Takua felt tired. He walked towards the stone heavily. Each blink made the letters dance and change. He could see the vague expression streaked on the stone grow more realistic, twisting in pain little by little, with each blink.
"You have been saved", "At the moment everything is fine", "Rest", "Sleep here", "You are tired", "Come with me", "Sleep with me", "They abandoned you", "I am with you", " Come to me "," There is nothing to fear "," I will not leave your side "," I will never leave you alone "," A little closer "," A little longer "," You just have to say yes "," Your Destiny ends here ".
The text began to change faster. Takua barely had time to read what it said each time. The face scratched on the stone began to fragment, revealing another layer of a dark color underneath.
"Do you remember them?", "Did you hear their screams?", "What are they thinking?", "So many bright colors...", "Will it hurt?", "Don't you want to be like them?", "The Swarm is still here "," I can feel it under my skin "," It hurts so much "," Why don't you rest for a while? "," Your trip has been very long "," Do you think he cares about you? "," Which of the fires is brighter? "," They came from heaven "," I can hardly breathe "," A betrayal? "," I thought I was doing the right thing "," They had so much faith in me "," They are here ", "They're still here", "Trust nothing", "An inevitable destiny".

He tried to open his eyes again, only seeing the white ceiling of a cave. Takua felt his face throbbing in pain and could barely feel anything but tingling and sharp pain on the limbs. He was breathing heavily, not quite sure what was going on. The heat of the Heatstones stacked in the center of the cave made the stay more pleasant, but at the same time it filled him with a strong pain. Takua clenched his teeth to try to resist the pain, turning the head to look around.
To one side was the backpack and all of his clothes. He was wrapped in a blanket of Rahi fur. On the other side of the "bonfire" made of Heatstone, he could see another Ko-Matoran. He had his head bowed, seeming to be staring at nothing as he pondered. Around were a large handful of small Rahi accompanying him. The most notorious were two birds that rested on each shoulder, playing among his white hair; a large canine Rahi that rested its head in the Matoran's lap as the Matoran stroked it; and more than one long Rahi no bigger than a hand scuttled through his fingers and under his clothes to come out a few seconds later and repeat the process.
The canine Rahi suddenly raised its head towards Takua, noticing that he had woken up and alerting Matoro, who got up right away as he left the two birds on the canine to assist the Ta-Matoran. He helped Takua up and draw him closer to the "fire" and gave him something to eat and drinnk.
Silence reigned in the cave as Takua recovered enough to speak, holding the wooden bowl filled with hot tea that Matoro had given him.
_ The least I can do is thank you. _ Takua could finally say with a smile. He still had little strength. Smiling hurt him in a way similar to when he was recovering in Le-Koro.
Matoro, as he sat back with the Rahi, felt somewhat annoyed, then remembered something.
_ There is no reason, traveler _ he stopped for a moment, reflecting. _ I am so used to talking to Ko-Matoran, with our monotonous voice tones and cryptic messages that I almost forget that inflection and facial expression play very important parts in conversations.
Takua nodded without really understanding and drank some of the tea, feeling it slide down his throat.
_ Don't worry. Each Koro has its own way of expressing things. I know it very well. For example: in Onu-Koro all the information that is possible is given, even if it is repeated.
_ Understand. That would explain the many fights they have between them.
Takua nodded, settling further into his seat to get even closer to the "bonfire." He tried to put up with the pain he felt in his limbs as best he could, knowing it was necessary in order to recover.
_ Ta-Koro and Ko-Koro are the most different, I assure you. I have never felt so calm as here. If it weren't for the cold, it would be a good place to be.
_ Do you like the silence? Surprises me of a Ta-Matoran.
_ From time to time, calm doesn't hurt. Even though it is not "calm" precisely what I have experienced here. Have I already thanked you?
_ You have, but they are accepted again. You're lucky they found you _ pointed to the Rahi on his lap. _. Mount Ihu is ruthless, like the Matoran from which it derives its name.
Takua stared at him for a moment and leaned into his clothes and backpack, deliberately pulling the book out as he carefully set the bowl of tea on the ice in front of the "bonfire." Seeing this, Matoro drew a small smile understanding what was happening and also settled in his place, placing the birds on his shoulder.
_ It is not a very interesting story. Nuju named it after a wise Matoran, "much wiser than me," he said, who taught him everything he had to know about seeing the future and prophecies long, long ago. The first thing the heavy blizzards reminded him of was his teacher and his harsh teachings that, "either you stay alert, or you perish in his presence."
The Ko-Matoran politely waited patiently for Takua to finish writing, putting the book back in his backpack.
_ So _ Matoro continued. _, are you the famous Chronicler who has been heard so much about?
_ That's me. I don't think there is any more reason for a normal Ta-Matoran like me to come to dangerous places like this.
Matoro gave a slight laugh as he looked down at his Rahi. The Chronicler didn't know if he had been polite or not, but he decided to have a positive attitude.
_ I still don't know the name of my savior.
_ My name is Matoro, right hand of Turaga Nuju.
_ And translator, from what I've heard.
_ I imagined that you would not have come up here just for the views. We will start the return trip as soon as you recover and the blizzard subsides a bit.
They were both silent for a few moments before talking about trivia. Takua observed how well he was with the Rahi and Matoro seemed to insist on disproving it. The Chronicler also told the Ko-Matoran a little about his travels and what he had seen. They both noticed that the other was keeping secrets, they were hiding information from each other on purpose. None of them asked about it, a mental note and little else was discussed about it. Takua was delighted with Matoro's attitude. It was not at all what was expected of a Ko-Matoran so attached to the Turaga and his village. Matoro spoke to her with energy, warmth, and kindness.
Matoro taught him how to make the Rahi around them trust him enough that he could pet them and let them rest on his lap. Takua felt nervous all the time during the process.
Suddenly, Takua got some snow on his head. Looking up, he saw a rope moving slightly. Matoro stood up suddenly and armed himself with a pickaxe of ice.
_ Wait here. There is a Rahi nearby, it can be dangerous. Take care of them.
Matoro withdrew the cave door and pushed the accumulated snow out, slamming it shut behind him, not wanting the Rahi inside to accompany him. Before long, Rahi's thumps and grunts began to be heard.
Takua got up too, still having some pain in his limbs. He quickly approached his things and began dressing as quickly as he could without hurting himself, willing to go out and help Matoro without a second thought. Suddenly he heard a loud sound of ice crunching and the noise stopped. Takua couldn't even hear the strong wind from the blizzard. He approached the door and opened it carefully, seeing the clear sky and a somewhat bruised Matoro standing next to Toa Kopaka.
The Toa of Ice was sheathing his sword, banishing the blizzard. Once finished, he brushed the snow off his shoulders and turned to the Matoran, looking at him with the same coldness that he had done the first time.
_ How is the mission going, Toa Kopaka?
_ Will you report this to Turaga Nuju?
_ He will be happy to hear your progress.
Toa Kopaka saw something move behind Matoro. In the cave, Takua leaned toward the exit, accompanied by the Rahi, holding them as best he could, seeing the Toa of Ice for the first time.
_ A Ta-Matoran.
_ The Chronicler. He has come looking for me because wants to talk to Nuju. Are you going to answer my question, Toa Kopaka?
_ Yes. Gali, Tahu and Onua are in search of the last Kanohi of Tahu and we are going to _ he let out an almost imperceptible sigh. _... meet in Kini-Nui to discuss what is the next step.
Matoro put his hand over his mouth thoughtfully, and after a few seconds he spoke.
_ You should consult this to Nuju. He will tell you the next step.
_ Will he speak to me without you present this time too?
_ Surely not... _ Matoro returned his hand to over the mouth, looking at the snow. _ Okay, I'll report it. Some of the other Toa may have asked their Turaga for info.
_ Sure.
Kopaka threw his shield into the snow and jumped on top of it, sliding down the hill without even saying goodbye. Once the Ko-Matoran was not able to see the figure of the Toa, he turned to re-enter the cave, placing the Rahi there in the starting position, as if nothing had happened.
_ Thank you for taking care of them.
_ No problem. Is something bad happening?
_ Not really. We can leave now if you feel better. Toa Kopaka has abated the storm.
And so they both left a few minutes later. Takua stretched his limbs, slung his backpack on his back, and followed Matoro's footsteps down the mountain. They both followed the red flags.
The views from so high captivated Takua, and if it weren't for the cold being too much for him, he would have stood there for a while just to admire the scenery.
After a while, they passed a tall, light-colored oval rock.
_ Wait a minute _ Takua said, stopping in his tracks.
Matoro looked up at his companion as he plucked a flag out of the snow, watching Takua clumsily walk to the rock half buried in the snow. The Ko-Matoran approached next to him, who had stood doing nothing.
_ It is only a commemorative stone of the Great Spirit.
Takua began digging through the snow to see the stone in its entirety. Near the base, contrary to what he believed, there was nothing written. Matoro looked at him somewhat strangely, approaching with the intention of helping him.
_ Is something wrong?
_ No, I think not. You found me here, right?
_ Yes, indeed. Why? Have you lost something in the snow?
_ Luckily not. I just had a... very strange dream. Well now I know it was just a dream
They both continued on their way until they reappeared in the Sanctuary. Takua thanked the Ko-Matoran who had shown him the way and they both approached Turaga Nuju. Takua deliberately delayed to give Matoro a moment alone to let them talk privately. Matoro brought him up to date while Turaga Nuju nodded his head silently, making the same gesture as the Ko-Matoran made back with Toa Kopaka.
Once they finished, they turned expectantly to Takua, who approached somewhat hesitantly. Turaga Nuju's icy gaze continued to make him very uncomfortable.
_ From now on I will speak in the name of Turaga Nuju. _ Matoro announced as he got into position. He tried to imitate the intimidating position of the Turaga while putting on a serious and powerful tone of voice.
_ Nuju has been watching you, Chronicler. You have a greater destiny than you can imagine. Like the Toa, you are one of the keys to awakening Mata Nui from his long sleep. He knows there are questions you want to ask and he will answer them. Once you have satisfied your curiosity, he will be the one who asks you a very important question.
The first thing that crossed his mind to Takua was Kiisu's identity, the meaning of the dream he had had on the mountain, his Duty and Destiny as a Matoran, if the Toa would win the fight against Makuta, what was Makuta, what were they really the Toa and what would happen once Mata Nui woke up from his dream. But he didn't ask any of that.
_ I want to know... Where can I find the Ta-Koro guards who have disappeared? That is my only question.
His final answer left them both with mixed feelings somewhat conflicting. Matoro was somewhat surprised and couldn't believe that a Matoran as curious as Takua had missed the opportunity to know the answers of the wisest Turaga of all.
Turaga Nuju, on the other hand, felt a bitter sensation in his chest. He gripped his cane with both hands and squeezed with all the strength he had left on his old body and smiled. Something that even impressed Matoro.
Throwing Matoro off, Turaga Nuju began to speak again, not leaving enough time for Matoro to recover properly and begin to translate again.
_ He already sent several Ko-Koro guards in search of them. By now, they should be back at their posts and have informed their superiors, you have nothing to worry about.
Takua could only sigh in relief, waiting expectantly for Turaga Nuju's question.
_ Now it is his turn, Chronicler. But he won't ask anything, since he has gotten a much clearer answer.
From his pocket Turaga Nuju took off a small stone tablet with a message. He gave it to Matoro for him to give to Takua. The Chronicler waited patiently for an explanation.
_ On their descent to Mount Mangai, the Toa will be vulnerable. Makuta will do everything in his power to stop them and that there is no final confrontation that destroys him once and for all, for that reason, Nuju gives you the mission to gather a small group of Matoran fighters to defend Kini-Nui until may the Toa definitively finish their mission. He asks you to listen carefully, since what he is going to tell you next is vital, it is the sole reason why you are in the high and harsh mountains of Ko-Koro. The power of Mata Nui has carefully brought you to your Destiny. He has guided you every step using your kind heart until this very moment.
Both Matoran were stiff, believing that they were going to receive a revelation like no other. And after an explanation of a power that the Toa were unaware of, they both felt somewhat disappointed and at the same time excited to see such power in action.
_ It's that story about Ga-Koro. I don't remember the title, but it was a romance between six Matoran from each village.
_ Nuju is not surprised that someone like Turaga Nokama has put such valuable information into a simple play.
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2021.12.03 10:37 mikasa1102 me lasquei na apresentação do meu emprego

Só pra contextualizar, eu sou designer e trabalho em uma empresa faz cinco meses, e por ser designer eu preciso fazer apresentações para a equipe e para os diretores do meu trabalho, só que eu sou MUITO ansiosa e todas as vezes me da tremedeira, boca seca e pressão baixa rsssssss
Mas a pior parte não foi apresentar o meu trabalho, foi na hora que eu precisei responder uma pergunta que um dos líderes me fez, e simplesmente me deu branco e eu não consegui responder e foi muito vergonhoso....sorte que o meu líder complementou e conseguiu responder por mim, mas E A VERGONHA?????? depois de apresentação eu chorei igual uma disgramada de tanta vergonha e de me sentir incapaz de responder um simples pergunta de um trabalho que eu mesma fiz.
Enfim é só um desabafo, porque meu coração ainda ta apertado
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2021.12.03 10:37 clockwork_monkey123 LavaX LaunchPad

LavaX LaunchPad
Awesome to see LavaX pounding out another launch after getting LibreDefi out. This one (Kaizen) came as a bit of a surprise – but a nice one! Libre’s been killing it since it launched. Another one to be kept on the radar!
LavaX still hasn’t rebranded itself yet. The tokens are still listed as LaunchX (LNCHX) on Pancake and KuCoin, so can still be grabbed for a bargain before they change over. They’ve got another two IDOs lined up for December, so might be a good idea to fill up the bags before they roll in. Get those extra tickets for the IDOs!
Get on the site and check it out! A real sleeper.
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2021.12.03 10:37 FrancisNorman_09 Argument at family dinner...

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2021.12.03 10:37 gdsacco December 3 Update

December 3 Update Still at ELP and 2nd day in a row at or near baseline. Bruce shows G band still down <1%, although his I band doesn't look as deep. So we might not actually be that far apart? LCO limitations are >0.5% and its probably higher than that right now given the time of year.
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2021.12.03 10:37 Zerwaswb HODL

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2021.12.03 10:37 Nurgles_Boy What's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster, is it a monster?

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2021.12.03 10:37 GotoGulag-237 What the most anoying killstreak tool ?

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2021.12.03 10:37 Fuegoto935 Federalist Dominance| 1838 Midterms Election

As the Civil War ignites and the Webster Administration marches on with the Union Army, the midterm election of 1838 come closer and the issue of slavery has come front center.
The National Federalist Party After the Seccesion Abolitionism has grown heavier in the National Federalist Party, and while it is still a controversial button, gradual abolition has seen consideration by the Webster Administration, with the current proposal being the freeing of any slave under the age of 18, making any child born of a slave after the proposal enter effect into a freeman, and letting the remaining slaves remain for a period of 10 years as compensation for loyal non secessionist slave owners is given (every slave owned by someone who cooperated with Calhoun's Rebellion would be freed).
The Republican Unionist Party The Republican Unionist Party having lost most of their land in the South has taken a campaign of going for a more moderate approach of freeing the slaves sof rebels, and putting more regulations in the slave system, but still maintaining slavery as a institution in the nominal future.
Current Senate for context
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2021.12.03 10:37 Holiday_Work372 Did I really behave that bad?

On Monday I decided to reach out after 3 weeks of no contact (he left me but insisted on staying friends). He responded very quickly, tried to keep the conversation on. On Tuesday I fucked up - I was a dumb coward and didn't respond him for almost all the day, I did it late when he was already asleep. On Wednesday he answered and definitely kept the conversation on - ended with a question starting a new topic. I responded but he hasn't till now. He didn't even view my messages.
Yesterday I went to the bar with my friends and added some photos on my insta story. He viewed them quite quickly but still didn't respond to my messages. When my mum found out she got mad at me, called me stupid and told me he won't reach out anymore since I'm "making him jealous, showing I have fun instead of suffering". Tbh it gave me lots of anxiety since I really do wish to get him back. Honestly I do regret the thing from Tuesday af, I know he probably does this on purpose as he ended the conversation with an exact question instead of cutting it but I'm confused af about the ig story thing. I feel touched by my mum telling me such things but I have a feeling it isn' as a big deal as she makes it look like (there wasn't anything looking like a desperate trial of causing jealousy, just some photos of damn drinks)
Please, tell me what do you think? I'm very anxious now, especially as I want to talk to him seriously again (I just want to tell him I see, unfortunately, I can't be friends with him since it just hurts too much and I wish to try again with him, ofc without any desperate moves). If he doesn't respond, should I call him, even if we never did, even as a couple, so it would be a little unnatural?
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2021.12.03 10:37 OnkelBoogieMan Squier Jaguar H Bass measurements?

Hi everyone. I'm looking for a lighter and slightly smaller alternative to my P-Bass. I know the 2021 Squier Jaguar H is a 32" medium scale. But can anyone of you tell me the overall length from top to bottom, please? Also, would you recommend this bass? Thanks in advance. :)
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2021.12.03 10:37 cilginvarex Does your cat sleep like this too? I scared that she could not breath

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2021.12.03 10:37 A_C0mm0ner I can't see the meaning of a circle.

It's just so pointless.
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