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EDC Chillin'

2022.01.17 00:56 quikslipper EDC Chillin'

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2022.01.17 00:56 scray0619 Waroc x Cirinoi

I'm new here but I was wondering if anyone can tell me what an anthurium warocqueanum x Cirinoi typically go for. I got a seedling for free with an order I got but have no clue on what they sell for. Any help is appreciated!
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2022.01.17 00:56 donbosco2017 The Flash (2022) - Multiverse of Madness

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2022.01.17 00:56 Aggravating-Can9547 Watch "Haunted Dolls, Mannequins, And A Terrible Building : FREE Scary Horror Game By KirillVP On Itch.Io" on YouTube

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2022.01.17 00:56 nervouspigface Bimbo

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2022.01.17 00:56 liontamermike New Mini Game

Hey I made an original Mini-Game and I’m looking for people to play test it for me and give me honest feedback on whether or not it is enjoyable. If you would like to check it out comment here and we can add eachother! Thank you:)
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2022.01.17 00:56 Royatkins Ozark Autumn

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2022.01.17 00:56 InternationalCamp259 Name of song

I’m finally sitting down to watch the tv adaption, but I’m currently stuck at episode 2 due to an annoying song. I’ll link the song under (and it’s great music, don’t get me wrong). My problem is that it reminds me so much of some tiktok sound, like a rap song with a female artist, and I’ve currently sat the last two hours trying to find out what song it is I’m thinking of. Anyone else been there?
the one featured
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2022.01.17 00:56 Trick987 Lost Planet Colonies Multiplayer - Post Grab on Canyon 2022

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2022.01.17 00:56 switchitup_lets Cost to ship large boxes from coast to coast for UPS

On the UPS, I used the price estimator for an extra large box (largest size on the estimator) to ship from east coast (new england area) to Seattle. Depending on how much I declare, the price is around $30 to $50 (about $1000 to declare).
Is this price estimate accurate? If you have tried shipping a large box from coast to coast, how much did it cost you? I'm trying to get a better picture of the total cost and whether or not I need to discard some items.
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2022.01.17 00:56 Both-Ad6383 are u dating someone with transphobic parents?

If yes, how did u go around it? Thank u.
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2022.01.17 00:56 seethingsasquatch Do language models come under supervised or unsupervised learning? By language model, I mean models which calculate the joint probability of a sequence of words.

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2022.01.17 00:56 angeryskeleton umich jeopardy club :)

my friends and i are looking to start a jeopardy club which would entail viewing parties 3 times a month and small competitions once a month. ideally, we would be able to have prizes for the competitions eventually but it would be more of a friendly thing than a “serious” competition. would people be interested in joining and would it be possible to get funding at some point? or would we need to change the jeopardy format?
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2022.01.17 00:56 NathanGorgeous Who else loves the Squiggles?? The art on these is soooo dope!!

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2022.01.17 00:56 loginhelpsinfo How to Download & Install INSTAGRAM App on Android Device? Login Hepls Tutorial

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2022.01.17 00:56 MackNasty66 More for the #ImaginationChallenge

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2022.01.17 00:56 Swimming_Resource828 (19M) Any tips on how to deal with emotional trauma?

I haven't been the same since they got divorced, pulled me out of the school that I had all of my good friends in, and forced me to give THEM relationship advice and mental help as a 13 year old. It's caused me to become a mental wreck since as well. I am anxious 24/7 still six years later.
Let's also not forget the fact that my Mom threatened suicide in front of me multiple times while screaming bloody murder, and told me that having kids was the biggest mistake of her life.
My parents try to act like this never happened, but I'll never forget it.
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2022.01.17 00:56 Jigga94 Zeus Divinity

Which side do you prioritize for his divinity?
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2022.01.17 00:56 zybrp20238 Employment law worth taking?

Even if you don't see yourself practicing in the area?
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2022.01.17 00:55 MrMatthewF1 If this is Big Ben’s last passing touchdown then thank you for everything

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2022.01.17 00:55 sagicornwoman23 The signs as US cities- by me🤗

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2022.01.17 00:55 lemonlimesherbet Vets are a scam.

My cat has a UTI. I know for a fact she has a UTI. There’s been blood in her urine for the past three days and she’s been pissing everywhere. I know the exact antibiotics she needs. I even know where to buy them. They could have been here by now. They cost less than $1. But I need a prescription to order them. I tried to make an emergency appointment to a vet that I trust but no one had availability. They recommended an emergency vet but when I researched it, they were gonna charge an extra $200 just for it being an emergency essentially. At this point, I’m pissed. Why the fuck do I need to pay someone $300 to tell me what I already know just to prescribe me what I already know I need?? Why would I pay $300 for a prescription for a CAT for an antibiotic that only costs 16 cents per tablet!
I’m also still pissed because they misgendered one of my kittens. If you can’t tell yet, just say that! But don’t tell me I definitely have a female kitten only for me to find out months later you were wrong!
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2022.01.17 00:55 TheLastPotatoOnEarth The struggle

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2022.01.17 00:55 Flippocoin No witnesses

My hotspot barely hasnt done anything over the last 5 days. No rewards no witnesses. Yesterday it made €0.09
What to do? It clearly needs some attention!! COTX miner.
Thanks in advance guys, pls show some love for this poor baby miner!! XD
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2022.01.17 00:55 Sqeezed_A_WetOne The fairest wheel.

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