Urge to do pointless things

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2022.01.17 01:32 ActuallyABagelMan Urge to do pointless things

Is this normal?
I will often get the urge to repeatedly do something completely pointless (and sometimes uncomfortable)
For instance, I will sometimes get the urge to move my bottom teeth in front of my front teeth and kind of just leave them there
I will also have the urge to repeatedly hit my feet into each other (I have bunions on each foot if that some how changes anything)
this will especially happen if I recently did the thing before
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2022.01.17 01:32 nothingtoseehereart I made a seamlessly looping ocean scene

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2022.01.17 01:32 omnilogical When both NFC East teams make ungraceful first round exits from the playoffs

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2022.01.17 01:32 AZ-Omni MotorStorm RC download not working, FIX!

I purchased MotorStorm PS3 and it would not download to my ps3, all it would do would download the 16 DLC cars and result in an error with no game to install or anything. To fix a phone to make it work, was to go into the PlayStation store go to the downloads section and find and locate the demo and download it. Play the demo and complete it, once finished it'll give you an option to purchase the full version (which already did so I had the option to download). NOTE: My console froze after "buying" the upgrade. Restated then it worked fine after restart. PLEASE like and comment if this helped you. No other resources online explained this. Playing in 2022!
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2022.01.17 01:32 Jnuggets338 What sense dose everyone use? I use 50/50

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2022.01.17 01:32 svanapps r/Monero - Monero round up : Smart Money entering Monero ? Now that's smart!

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2022.01.17 01:32 poopgoblin3678 Continuing to evolve. Got my new monitor, still waiting on a chair. Trying to decide the layout before cable management. Any recommendations?

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2022.01.17 01:32 techsavy101 NEW HP 14" FHD Intel Core i3 256GB SSD 4GB RAM Win 10 Home Silver - GET $100 (20%) OFF, NOW $379.99

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2022.01.17 01:32 Willing-Clock-8884 How Scarlett Johansson’s Disney Lawsuit Could Change Streaming Forever

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2022.01.17 01:32 SymphonyForTheDevil Good strategy for taking down stronger enemies?

Little enemies are fine, I usually use bone spikes and bone spear then corpse explode the crap out of them once I've got some corpses. I'm having trouble taking down big guys effectively though. My skeletons and golem distract them a bit of course but what hits tough guys hard?
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2022.01.17 01:32 Sportsfanatic6969 Hit a couple parlays today!

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2022.01.17 01:32 dashing_lysosome Probiotics & Prebiotics available

Does anybody know some good brands of Prebiotics & probiotics or any products that are available in india. Something that I can order from an e-commerce website.
P.s No yakult, thanks.
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2022.01.17 01:32 cooldr1 Looking to buy and RX7 FD3S but something seems off

Hello everyone, so I am looking to buy an Rx7 FD3S from a local importer. I have looked at the car in person, driven the car and done brief inspection with a trusted rotary mechanic in my area. However, I do have some concerns in this deal,
The car has original 60k miles on it, the car is almost 100% stock. It has an after market shifter, blow off valve. The sellers price is about 35k, the interior needs work, however that’s expected because the car is almost 30 years old. Since I had no prior knowledge of the cars history I did a quick lookup through some Japanese auction sites and the vehicle ID stamped in the engine bay and found it being sold in auction for about 13k USD, the main reason for auction was medium water damage. However, in the auction sheet where it depicts the damage no mention of water damage just broken gauges and AC. (When I test drove the car all gauges worked and AC was cold) Now I asked the importer if they had any prior knowledge of this auction or water damage. It was denied and assured me he had no knowledge of the auction or water damage I inspected the car briefly to look for mud, just saw surface rust in the steering column and in the exposed metal. The importer also assured me once imported it was taken to the shops mechanic which he produced documentation on site of the cars work that was done when it arrived in America.
Now with that being said I feel like 35k is not only steep but highway robbery that was sold in an auction for “Medium water damage”
I have bought water damaged cars before just not sure about buying this one for this high. If you were in my position, how much would you counter offer the seller for ? Or should I just walk away from this purchase?
Any advice helps, thank you.
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2022.01.17 01:32 GelatoWhiskey I’m struggling to get prints to come off the platform, help please

So I’ve had my mars for a few weeks and have been using it a ton. I mostly just take a soft hammer and have been knocking the prints off but lately they’ve been breaking and leaving parts of the base behind. I used the metal scraper that came with it but I ended up gouging the platform pretty deep.
What’s the best way to get prints off without damaging the platform?
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2022.01.17 01:32 Saraphim663 Dark Junction Chapter Eleven: The Investigator

Copyright 10/21, paperback, hardback, and ebook versions are available on Amazon Dark Junction.
Valarie woke up tired and sore from tossing and turning. Her sheets lay in a twisted ball at the foot of her bed. She tried to remember her dreams from the night before, but they faded into shadows.
Yawning, she crept over to Michael’s room and creaked open the door. She glanced around the room, relieved to find it was empty. When she was last here, Michael was a twelve-year-old boy, interested in playing Halo and collecting Pokemon cards.
The room smelled musty as light filtered through. There was a flat-screen television and an X-box. A hard wooden chair and desk replaced the cozy bean bag chairs she remembered. On the desk was a King James Bible and a computer.
He locked the computer screen in screensaver mode, but Valerie remembered his childhood passwords all too well and typed in the word Cortana. The screen booted up to a MySpace page. The background was a gaudy picture of the American Flag, as Rascal Flatts played in the background. Valerie quickly hit the mute button.
Scrolling through his profile, she found photos of him and Colton. Mostly hunting and fishing trips. However, there was a picture of Jodie holding hands with a smaller girl with dark skin and eyes. They were holding hands with a rainbow flag in the background. Underneath, in dark ugly print, was the word sinner.
Disgusted, Valerie closed her brother’s computer. Colton had brainwashed him and turned him against Jodie and turned him against her, his own family. She could not trust him and would have to tread lightly.
Valerie took out the cream-colored card and sighed. The investigator was her last hope in this. She put on a pair of blue jeans and hiking boots before stepping out into the crisp morning air.
Driving west on I 48, her ears popped as she went higher in elevation. The road dropped thousands of feet on both sides into a winding chasm. Wind farms sat at the very tops of the mountains; the windmills were moving in succession against the blue sky, like a giant fence to a forgotten realm.
Down the other side of the mountain range, a coal plant belched black smoke into the pristine sky. Mining had stripped the top of this mountain bare, its blood-red soil staining the sides of the peak. Valerie saw brown, shadowy tendrils knitting together over the injured land. Darkness spilling out where it was once green and covered in forest. It had the same heavy air as the ruins, the same taint of corruption.
Passing the coal plant, she drove into the next mountain range, green and forested, once again clearing out to Douglas, a small West Virginia resort town with coffee shops, boat rentals, and souvenir shops.
Valerie followed the brown signs to Blackwater Falls state park. She stopped at a scenic overlook. The mountains cut jagged and gray through the trees, their leaves turning gold and crimson with the flush of fall.
She found her way to cabin number 32 and knocked on the door. Sebastian appeared, wearing jeans and a Siouxsie and the Banshees band t-shirt with the Eye of Horus and a silver Ankh around his neck. He had on large sunglasses and a carved walking stick.
“Ms. Randolf, I’m glad you could make it up here on such brief notice,” he said, shutting the door behind him. “Shall we? The trail is on the other side of the lot.”
“Sure, and you can call me Valerie or Val.”
They walked to another side of the lot, where a trail sign pointed down to the falls. It led down a steep wooden staircase through a canopy of oak and pine trees and ended at an overlook of the falls. Several hikers dotted the trails, but the area wasn’t crowded. The falls crashed down into the stream below, creating ripples and patterns in the water. The air smelled of water, fallen leaves, and fresh pine needles, and while the sound of the water was loud, it wasn’t deafening.
“He won’t be able to spy on us over here. The water will ground out his energy before it gets to us,” said Sebastian. “I work with paranormal cases, so don’t worry about looking crazy. Tell me what you know.”
“It’s a long story....”
“I have all day.”
“I don’t know if I do. The bastard has my sister and her girlfriend. Every minute we wait is a minute. She’s in danger,” said Valerie bitterly.
“I’m here to help you find her, but I can’t do that without information.”
“Fine. ten years ago, when I was still in high school, he murdered a popular girl named Sadie. I fought him, but I lost. He magically gagged me, and I forgot everything. Until you came to my shop, I didn’t even remember I had a sister. A friend of mine got someone to help me break the gag.”
“I came back home, but I see his aura everywhere. It’s almost like he’s hunting me. I nearly beat his ass last time, and I know he’s toying with my family and me. I know he kidnapped Jodie to get to me.”
Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “Shai works in mysterious ways.”
“The Egyptian God of fate? You’re really into this,” said Valerie, nodding in approval.
“We can talk about me later, just tell me what you know.”
“He took the memory of my sister from me and then kidnapped her. Colton has completely brainwashed my brother, too. I don’t have anyone out there I can trust.”
“Classic mind wipe spell. No wonder I can’t get anywhere with this, no witnesses, nothing.”
“Get anywhere with what? Are you trying to tell me Colton has gone mind flayer?”
“I’ll tell you when we get back to home base, my work is there. Don’t worry, it’s warded against Colton,” said Sebastian, glancing over at the hikers.
“Then why did we come out here?”
“It’s beautiful, and I needed a hike. So let’s go around the trail to the lake. I’d appreciate your company.”
Valerie thought of Isaiah and his warm, dark eyes looking over her.
“I have someone,” she snapped.
“Who said the company has to be romantic? I have a wife and kids at home. I just need someone to talk to,” smirked Sebastian.
“And it doesn’t hurt that the other person is a young woman in a desperate situation?”
“Ma’am, I couldn’t care less if you were male or female, but it helps to have another occultist to talk to. I can’t bring up this information to normal cops or witnesses. They’d look at me like I had two heads,” said Sebastian. He picked up his pace and jogged faster through the trails.
Valarie did her best to keep up, but Sebastian was at least a league ahead of her for the entire hike. He moved like a trained athlete up the steep slopes and stairways, stopping only to let Valerie’s thin and breathless frame to catch up with him.
When they returned to cabin 32, she was dripping with sweat and her legs were on fire. He opened the door and motioned her in, handing her a bottle of water, which she gulped down.
Valerie’s hair stood on end when she entered the cabin. On the coffee table rested a brass scale, a statue of Anubis at its left and a statue of Seth at its right, the guardians of the Egyptian underworld. The spicy smell of incense filled the air, and Yulunga from Dead Can Dance played in the background.
“Wow, you built one hell of a ward,” said Valerie.
“Colton Collins is a dangerous suspect, and I’m not stupid,” said Sebastian.
“So, you’re a mage?”
“I’m a practitioner of some talent. I don’t go by any label other than the investigator.”
One wall of the cabin had a pegboard. On the pegboard were pictures of various women and children connected with a red thread. Jodie’s picture was at the bottom of the web.
“I forgot what she looked like. She’s grown so much,” said Valerie, tears forming in her eyes.
Next to Jodie was another teenage girl, tiny with dark skin and huge brown eyes. The name tag underneath read Mekayla Hamlin. The lines branched out to a young woman with long brown hair and high cheekbones; the name tag Ava Swiftwater below it. Sadie Hudson’s picture sat at the top of the web.
“Mekayla and Jodie mysteriously disappeared. They never found Ava Swiftwater. She went missing from Jefferson County ten years ago during a camping trip. The local police stated it was a runaway. Sadie was a suspected suicide, but we both know that’s not true.” Sebastian’s hands moved around the web, pausing at every nametag.
“Why haven’t you stopped him yet?” asked Valerie.
“Due process, there’s only circumstantial evidence, not enough to link him to all the disappearances. Until your report, you're the loose end that’s tying this case together. If you testify against him.”
“Are there laws against magic?”
“Not since the late 1800s, freedom of religion means any religion. You can use magic to read tarot cards or play light as a feather or stiff as a board until your face turns blue. However, once you use magic in a criminal capacity, well, that’s when I step in. But I still need to follow due process. Otherwise, we devolve back to the Salem Witch trials.”
“How does this help Jodie?”
“It helps me get enough evidence to get a warrant against him. Still, I think we have enough evidence and testimony to put him away to where he can’t hurt anyone.
I realize you’re upset, and I’m going to help you search for Jodie. She was last seen a couple of days ago in Junction. I’m going to ask you to search the area. My team looked everywhere, but we can’t see auras as you can. My talent is in grounding and wards.”
Valerie took a deep breath, too exhausted from her hike to react.
“I’ll do what I can.”
“Take this.” Sebastian handed Valerie an amulet of a scarab beetle. “May Ra protect you. Do a quick aura scan of the area and report back what you find.”
“I... I’ll do what I can. I just want my sister back.”
“And I want to catch Colton Collins. I think we can agree on that. I want a report from you at 1900 hours.”
Oh, he was going to be like that, Valerie thought. “Stop barking orders at me, jackass.”
“Do you my help or not?”
“What if he finds me and I disappear too?” she pointed out.
“The amulet I gave you will summon me and an entire task force of agents.”
Valerie looked closer at the amulet, finding a small speaker.
“Ha, a literal bug. You’re not just a private investigator, are you?”
Sebastian smirked. “Are you just a shopkeeper?”
“I guess not anymore,” she shrugged.
“I work for the Organization. We have offices all over the United States, but we’re headquartered in D.C. Think of us like the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, but for Magick.”
“I’ll do what I can, but I want my sister safe, and I want Colton to go to a place where he can’t hurt anyone.”
“I’ll do the best I can, ma’am,” Sebastian said as he gave her a salute. Valerie saluted back as she walked out to her car and left Blackwater Falls.
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2022.01.17 01:32 rrxel100 Falto Zoraida Dominican Puro

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2022.01.17 01:32 sodasound im so anxious my mom did this to me

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2022.01.17 01:32 Joeclu Dealing with randomized MAC addresses on router for static IPs and/or parental controls?

So my router uses the MAC address to identify a device for static IP assignment and parental controls. New devices these days support randomized MAC addresses, so that my router can no longer identify them.
I don't want to disable randomized MAC addresses on our devices because I like the idea of one less thing that can be used to track/identify.
Do new routers have some way to deal with this? My router is a bit old; it's an ASUS RT-AC68U.
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2022.01.17 01:32 LarsMSM2 are yall allied with team sky?

just wondering.
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2022.01.17 01:32 Jules-Hmln One long time person needed!

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2022.01.17 01:32 SydsAcc Need Day Labor Asap! (Bills emergency)

Know of Any Apps/Places or people needing fair priced work?
I'm Offering Junk Removal, Painting, Drywall, Labor etc anything.
Need work Monday-Thursday (start full time work Friday)
I'm 19 and grew up in this area, moved away after parents passed when I was young but I had the opportunity to move back so took it right away, love texas.
I am late on Bills cause moving was expensive and some financial hardships before moving
I own a F350 and can do Junk Removal, Painting, Drywall Etc!
(((Please let me know if you Know Places that do this, Apps, People needing Junk Removal/ Labor Etc)))
Great prices and rates, lots of experience in multiple areas.
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2022.01.17 01:32 notSenator69 Answer it

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2022.01.17 01:32 tavtasticallyNami Happy Sunday !

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2022.01.17 01:32 Some_Personality8379 Why does homophobia seem so common in most religions?

Ok, I know on the surface level this title sounds like a silly and obvious question. But it's only that way if you think Christianity and Islam are the only religions that exist. When there are countless other religions. I will admit it is really odd that most religions have anti LGTBQ premise. You would think out of all the religions in the world. We would see more Pro LGBTQ religions more often. Note I know not all Christians, Muslims, etc think the same. Some Christians and Muslims actually support or accept LGBTQ people. In this post im more so talking about an in general religion being more Pro LGBTQ as a whole.
One religion is spirituality. Spiritual people say they are not regions but they are spiritual. Like this guy in the link. But it always confused me when spiritual people have the same religious views one LGBTQ people despite being "not like other girls" when it comes to religions. You would think spirituality was this secular, neutral type of thing with no religious dogma, where everyone had their own journey. But yet it still has some religious tendencies.
So my main question is. Why is homophobia so deep-rooted and common in a lot of religions?
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