DnD-5th: The Temple (Part 4)

2022.01.17 01:22 Patches765 DnD-5th: The Temple (Part 4)

Previously, DnD-5th: The Temple (Part 3). Alternatively, Intelligent Gaming Index.
Continuing after the milestone level...
The Mirror Does What? The group talked about the journey back to their guildhouse to take a long rest. It was at this point, I realized something got overlooked. During their first encounter into the temple, specifically the section entitled Treasure, or was it?, $Fiance and $son found a secret compartment on the side of a wardrobe that contained a full length body mirror.
$Fiance flubbed trying to remove it, but cashed in an inspiration chip to get a reroll. He succeeded. He had the mirror in his possession. He had previously brought it back to the base, and $Son had identified it, but I realized weeks later after reviewing a site that specifically analyzes this module that I don't think the mirror was fully identified.
To clarify, I went over the description in the module and not the DMG. It was extremely abbreviated in the module. It came off as a relatively minor item from the group's perspective, but the reality is, it was rather powerful. This was one example where I had to take the blame on. I didn't explain it to $Son thoroughly, and he in turn, couldn't make a choice to explain it to the group.
The mirror can make portals.
With this newfound knowledge, we did a brief retcon where the mirror was used at their guildhouse and the portal was in a secret room they had used to rest in off of the Air Temple.
This allowed trips to and from the guildhouse (and potentially other areas) to be much more expedient.
The Fire Temple At this time, $Pasta made a habit of collecting the robes of the "high priest" of the different sects within the cultist temple. His default was the white robe. He even made a custom figuring by combining different models.
The group encountered a huge granite chamber, with fire pits, braziers, and pots of golden oil. Large chimes were mounted to the ceiling above one of the pits.
$Pasta once again took lead, and thought he figured out the process, but all he ended up doing was causing the chimes to ring. The door opened, and an acolyte entered the chamber from a previously hidden room.
Roleplaying was once again key. $Pasta took upon the role of being from the Air Temple, and managed to get in close. I thought he was going to convince the acolyte to take him to the high priest or equivalent, but then he surprised all of us.

$Pasta: I shank him.
Given everything up to the point seemed very civil, with $Pasta playing the role perfectly, this came as a surprise. I have him sneak attack accordingly. One-shotted.
At this point, $Pasta figured out how to properly perform a ceremony, but the rest of the group refused to let him attempt it. Instead, they charged through the concealed doorway into the room beyond.
A few guards shouldn't be a problem, but reinforcements soon arrived from other chambers making it a fairly interesting battle. Especially since quite a few of the adds were spell casters. $Wifie used Twilight Sanctuary for the first time, and the group absolutely loved it. Doubly so when the casters were casting fear.
Although the group failed to "destroy" the temple, they did wipe out the entire leadership of the fire sect. Something they considered a win (and properly so).
Afterwards, they encountered a five-headed hydra that excited $Wifie because we finally got a chance to use a figure she had hand-painted of... you guessed it... a five-headed hydra. The fight wasn't particularly difficult given it was chained to the center of the room. A Moonbeam plus range attacks did quick work. I had the hydra roll to break free each round, but to no avail. The fight could have been avoided entirely if they dealt with a troll differently. $Pasta wanted to negotiate. The rest of the group wanted to attack on sight.
Rescuing Prisoners There was an earlier section of the dungeon that was labeled with Prisoners on a copy of a map they obtained. $Squire and $Fiance decided just the two of them would work on that while the rest of the group searched some storerooms. The ones they found were extremely malnourished and had been starved. Some human merchants were terrified of some goblinoids they were imprisoned with, crying out that they had eaten Charlie (with a nod to "Charlie bit my finger"). Despite that, they decided not to kill any of the prisoners and led them out to a room where they had previously killed an ettin. The goblinoids started eating, and eating, and... died. We then had a quick segue into the history of rehabilitation of WW2 prisoners. Who said gaming can't be educational? The merchants were placed in a safe area for the time being, with the remaining humanoid prisoners being shown the exit.
The group was attempting a sweep and clear approach to the dungeon. Nothing wrong with that. While the group was questioning a guard they had taken prisoner, $Pasta decided to free some prisoners of his own. An elven noble thanked him profusely while his two lackeys started using tape measures on while they talked. $Pasta personally escorted them to safety. This encounter may have some ramifications later (spoiler: it does, it really really does...) but time will tell.
All in all, the group handled these encounters beautifully.
Angels of the Light While clearing the area, $Squire wanted to investigate a door he believed connected up to another one in a different part of the map. He was correct, but there was something in between.
The passage led to a room of white marble, with the walls and vaulted ceiling sheathed in pearly alabaster. A cloudy portal on the wall brightened and showed two angelic beings in among clouds in the sky.
$Angel: What are fair and just folk such as you doing in this foul place of pain and base wickedness?
This threw the group into a tailspin. What were they doing here? $Pasta talked about Spagi, and they acknowledged that they serve Spagi as well as other Gods of Good.
I made a point that the next section was verbatim from the book. I wanted to read it because it was extremely whacked.
$Angel: Now, good folk, place each and every weapon you possess, all of your holy symbols, magic items, silvered items, and magical herbs before this crystal — the Window of the Planes of Weal — and then quickly step out of the west door. Count slowly to 77, and do not return in that time, for we shall send a Ray of Just Might through these items. Any flesh in the place would be blasted to oblivion by the ray, and any mortal eye beholding its glory would be forever blinded. But all your items will be made more effective by a factor of + 1, recharged by seven, or otherwise doubled in efficacy — though this power lasts but seven hours. Hurry! We must act now, for our time is fast running out. We can help but once per seven days, you know!
$Squire was ready to place a weapon in the room. $Wifie immediately called out that they no self-respecting cleric would leave their holy symbol behind, something was wrong. $Jacob knew something was wrong, but in character couldn't act. Another player questioned how they could acknowledge Spagi in the first place.
A secret door that $Starlord and $Wifie spotted earlier now looked tempting. While $Pasta and $Squire talked with the two "angels", they opened the door leading to the other side of the portal - a room with two werewolves biding their time to attack.
The fight was short, brutal, and everyone made their saving throws. The room was filled with a stockpile of silver items stored safely away, along with a few minor magical items. A fun distracting encounter.
The group as a whole were amazed how bad the writing was. It was specifically why i wanted to read it as-is, so they can see the garbage I work with sometimes.
Bandits Galore! While clearing areas to match up stairwells to areas on the level below, they encountered a group of bandit cultists with two fairly powerful leaders. The strategies some of the players had used in the past (disengage, hide, re-engage) were being used against them. I would remove figurines off the board once they were successfully hidden (and continue movement on my own mental map).
$Pasta made a calculated error and took off down a different passage in an attempt to get flank the bandits from behind. He found a cistern for water after the passage turned in a direction he didn't expect. He headed back to the group realizing his mistake.
$Wifie cast Spirit Guardians, which did pause the game for a moment. $Squire and I both reviewed the rules to make sure we interpretted it correctly (or at least the way we felt it should be). Spirit Guardians works through walls. This suddenly complicated things (for me), and the dynamics of the fight suddenly shifted to the players' favor. All in all, it was an exciting fight for all of them, and a victory well deserved.
One of the bandits got away, and was hidden in a storeroom they later found. He negotiated for his release. The party wasn't being murder-hobos at all, and I was rather pleased with that. It added to the roleplaying experience which they all sincerely enjoy.
While clearing other storerooms, one room in particular triggered $Squire, the group's cartographer. It led to is infamous saying...
$Squire: GARY!!!
It still puts me in stiches from laughing so hard whenever he does that. Some of the room are... irregularly shaped. It was also this room they got jumped by a su-monster. $Squire felt fear... because 5d6 psychic damage definitely hurt... a lot. It's not that the creature was particularly tough, but the group had such a hard time hitting it. Bad dice rolls all around. They knew fear... and I loved every bit of it.
They also decided to visit $Pasta's cistern, and found a glowing giant nacho chip under some algae. Detect magic FTW!
A Near Death Experience... The timing of the conversation that occurred was entirely coincidental. The results... will not be forgotten anytime soon. The trigger of this was most likely $Squire being ambushed by the su-monster earlier.
$Squire: We need to make we don't rush into rooms. We should be checking the ceiling, etc. Make sure there are no traps or ambushes. $Pasta: No problem!
And then $Pasta charged into the next room, without looking at the ceiling or taking any precautions what-so-ever.
There was a lurker, and I rolled a natural 20. $Pasta was knocked prone and was being constricted. $Fiance charged in and whacked it... also doing damage to $Pasta. I made an judicial decision to only have physical attacks transfer to the person currently trapped. The differences between 2nd edition and the 5th edition SRD wiki (which seems more homebrew than anything) was rather significant.
The group realizing what was going on switched to fire spells. $Pasta failed his first death save.
$Son used an acid spray on the creature finishing it off. $Pasta failed his second death save.
The group quickly jammed a potion of healing down his mouth, and cast what healing spells they could.
$Pasta recovered, but has been scarred by this incident. He is now obsessively checking ceilings before entering any room or hallway. $Squire suggested he make a backup character just in case. Not sure if they was ever done.
To the Labs! A door opened up to what appeared to be a writing room. Different lecturns and tables had parchment, ink, and quills. Scrolls and books were on shelves. $Squire immediately shouted that no one was allowed to use fire spells. While he was gathering up writing supplies, $Son and $Starlord checked further in, and found a detailed lab.
$Son, with his alchemical knowledge, immediately realized the amount of wealth in raw materials that was in this room. I rattled off a quick inventory and he was determined to take great care in putting the supplies in various bags of holding.
$Starlord approached an strange alchemical construct on one side of the room and realized too late it was a roper. He was grabbled, and pulled in. One bite (4d8+4) and he was doing everything he could to break free. The rest of the group ran to assist. Another close call, but it was dealt with.
The group found what appeared to be a golem. In addition to the listed tomes, I included one that explained the overly detailed practical joke that one cultist was planning on another. This had no relevance to the module as a whole, and I am unclear why there was such a large description of something the group had no way of finding out otherwise.
The books from the lab area were added to the group's ever growing library back at their guildhouse.
So much bookkeeping...
Afterthoughts This post brings us up to January 5th, 2022. I have one more post to make it current.
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Also, Itsstillsinking took the 2016 Titanic real-time sinking by THG and darkened it, dimmed down the lights and added video commentary from deleted scenes of the 1997 movie and Titanic: Death of a Dream and Titanic: The Legend Lives On, which is actually how I learned about Titanic: The Complete Story and today I continue to come back to it. Overall, I loved these videos.
But then in late 2018 or early 2019 this channel closed down/these two videos in question (and the other videos) were no longer publicly available which greatly disappointed me because I really enjoyed them.
I'm curious as to what happened to Itsstillsinking; and if anyone is able to find a full version of Journey to Oblivion (not the trailer) please let me know because I only saw that once or twice and I would love to see that again.
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The Nuggets shot 11/43 from the 3 point on good to great looks.
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I recognize the moral negativity of bringing a conscious being into a hostile universe. A “being” that does not exist faces absolutely no pain, whereas a conscious being absolutely will. The search for meaning and physical sustenance is endless and ultimately pointless. Even in a post-scarcity utopia where a citizen has reasonable confidence in being supplied with basic necessities, Mother Nature will still have her ways of threatening this theoretical society. In addition, the search for meaning will not only still exist but it may actually wax in intensity as humans will now be forced to come to terms with the reality of existence instead of being enslaved to the daily grind of meaningless labor and the opium of religion.
In short, even a utopia will still contain inescapable pain.
However, the reason why I don’t end it all right here and would not like civilization to undergo voluntary extinction is because I’m curious and hopeful. I’m curious of the machinations of the universe and I’m also hopeful that society can slowly build itself into an equitable, intelligent civilization. A society that maximizes pleasure and minimizes unnecessary pain.
As far as we can tell, we are the only highly conscious species in the universe. I don’t think we have an “obligation” to understand the universe and whatever may lie beyond, but I do think it would be a tremendous waste to enact voluntary extinction.
I must realize something, however. The notion that humanity should perpetuate its existence for comprehending the universe is still subjective. Yes, it would be true that the welfare of conscious beings would improve in unimaginable ways, but to make this humanity’s goal is just that, a goal, a social construction.
As hard as it is to swallow, my desire for conscious beings to maximize pleasure and minimize unnecessary pain and to seek solutions for the universe’s mysteries is subjective. The universe would not care if humans were here today and gone tomorrow. The universe would still expand into infinity whether or not a few of its life forms decided to think about its great mysteries.
Does this mean we should stop improving society? Absolutely not! As long as babies are born, maximizing pleasure and minimizing unnecessary pain should be pursued.
If pain is to be done away with completely. I think voluntary extinction is the only option.
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