Patrick got bars

2022.01.17 00:58 MetalGearSolidHydra Patrick got bars

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2022.01.17 00:58 Lobsterlord0004 Took me 4 tries but i got the chase

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2022.01.17 00:58 Lalimker Nuvoton Tech MS51FB9AE on Twitter

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2022.01.17 00:58 Nezekan_Templar Junior software engineer salary in Shanghai?

I am a software engineer with about a year of experience from Singapore. I am aware that with my lack of exp, it is difficult to stand out against other local Chinese applicants for the same job as I also require a visa sponsorship.
Recently, a recruiter asked for my expected salary in Shanghai, to which I replied 22k rmb/month and she replied that it is not the usual rate for juniors (usually lower with conditional performance bonuses). I did fail to mention to her that the 22k includes bonuses.
So what is a reasonable expected salary a foreign junior software developer should be asking for? I am all for getting a pay cut from my current job in SG in exchange for some experience in Shanghai, but if I m looking at salaries below 17k rmb, I’ll be earning way less than my current job after factoring in rent, relocation costs and the equally high CoL in Shanghai.
I’ve been looking at job postings and salaries from Chinese sites such as Lagou, and it seems 22k rmb is not ridiculous to ask for?
Please correct me if I am wrong and feel free to offer advices! Thank you!
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2022.01.17 00:58 MartinN1024 5 Star Weapon Tier List

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2022.01.17 00:58 Anxious-Number4222 Block X Net

Good company with the prospect of coin growth in the near future. With this project Platform comes an endless supply of new services and opportunity. #BlockX #digitalassets #finance $BCX #blockchain
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2022.01.17 00:58 injail-butoutsoon What are you attracted to in someone?

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2022.01.17 00:58 ashabot Nautical twilight on Wolf Creek

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2022.01.17 00:58 CalThePandaPeople TIL That Looney is 25

The man has so much BBIQ and runs and jumps like he could get a senior discount at IHOP. WTF? How is Steph 8 yeas older?
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2022.01.17 00:58 unsprungwait What bindings for these?

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2022.01.17 00:58 NC16inthehouse [Uni] I don't know whether or not to accept my Uni application

I'm serving my NS right now until August 2022 and I have a choice to accept my university application. But now 7 months before I ORD, I am unsure whether I even want to continue study or can I even study. NS really makes me lazy and I'm not motivated to do shit.
I'm afraid that with my current half-ass commitment I'll just flunk school within the the first year and drop out.
Before NS I roughly know where I want to pursue which is computer science. I only applied for SIT because I know I won't have a shot at other universities due to my low GPA of 3.1
I'm happy I got a slot at SIT though but it's just the current unwillingness or motivated to study that's making me reconsider.
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2022.01.17 00:58 Powerzz999 Asking for help

I didn’t realize how many people are struggling right now. I thought I was more alone. I’m on here because I am struggling really bad. The past year has been the most chaotic for me and I don’t think I’ve ever stressed this much before. I’m here because I’m desperate, I’m honest. I’m a single mother, I’m late on my rent and my care is on a donut right now. I don’t want to start ranting about everything bad that’s happened to me but all I can say is I can show proof of my rent, my tired, and if anyone would like to talk to me about anything else you’re more than welcome too.
Rent Catire Mattress Dental work
Can prove all of this and the dental work is legitimate. I have a nerve exposed and I only chew on one side of my mouth. If you want to know my story, ask me. Willing to talk and be open. Thank you for reading
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2022.01.17 00:58 Xamifu Can I still use my axie while it's not yet sold on the marketplace?

I'm planning to upgrade one of my axies and I was wondering if I could still use the one I am selling since I only own 3 axies.
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2022.01.17 00:58 beachsheep Marrying undocumented bf while I have a GC. Will I have issues when getting my citizenship?

So I started the process of uncontested divorce with my USC ex through whom I got my permanent GC (everything amicable and mutually agreed). I need to wait 2 more years to apply for citizenship but my current Swedish boyfriend (who will most likely stay undocumented in the US) and I plan on getting married during that time. Will I have any problems when filling for my citizenship when they see that I’ll be then married to an undocumented foreigner? And will I be able to adjust his status without any problems also? Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.17 00:58 NiiazAI The Pics of Pigs NFT collection

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2022.01.17 00:58 Cwoaked Thanks YT

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2022.01.17 00:58 Royatkins Ozark Autumn

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2022.01.17 00:58 KarikaYushima My mom is the "green sweater girl" online. You know that porn video of the woman with the green sweater? That's her. AMA! I'll happily answer anything. (Story in post) - her
So this is the story, the origins of the video. Basically her and my dad were constantly arguing, this was an everyday thing. So she ended up fucking a worker from her job, much younger guy, which went on for quite some time. My dad never found out, but they ended up divorcing and my mom moved in with the guy in the video. It didn't last long.
They break up and bang - the guy puts the video online to make a quick buck, and the rest is history. My mom tried to remove the video many times, even a few others, but as you can see that failed.
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2022.01.17 00:58 gradskool Contacting profs for Masters in CS

Is it even worth it to contact profs for a masters in comp sci? most just say they cant help. If it is useful, how many should you contact per school?
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2022.01.17 00:58 popcornboiii Cops Arrest Black Man For Circulating Petition

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2022.01.17 00:58 someguy4278 John gets revenge

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2022.01.17 00:58 salawm Anyone know women who work at the Georgia Department of Transportation?

I'm trying to see if they're known as Gal GaDOT
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2022.01.17 00:58 DrStarDream Weebs when their new body pillow arrives

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2022.01.17 00:58 strombreakerz pov: he is running towards you

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2022.01.17 00:58 Multievolution Clarification about attack on titian season 4

Having recently started catching up on the dub it ends on episode 75, when looking it up apparently the 76th episode is to debut in 2022, but funimation has 76 and 77 listed subbed as of 2020, I was hoping someone could help clarify.
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